Twenty Count Tuesday – Sacred Grandfather Stars & Sister Moon


We look again to the East and we see and hear many Voices, many Instruments, many Songs being played in harmony with Grandfather Sun’s Song. These are the Grandfather Stars, the eleventh Power. They are singing the Song of Inspiration and the Chant of the Heyoehkahs.  There are many Songs here and each is a Sacred Teacher. The Light coming from these Songs begins to reveal to us our own illusions. We begin to see why it is so hard and yet so simple to sing this Song.

Sacred Grandfather Stars are those stars who are suns for planets with human life.

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The Dance of the Twenty Count: 11 Grandfather Stars and Sister Moons

The Children’s Twenty Count describes our world as we live in it, and the powers that influence us here in our attempt to establish interconnection, interreliability and interdependence with all things.

Thus far we have presented in each blog post, the numbers 1- 10, representing the powers that are the “so below“…the numbers that are related to this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is green“…

As we begin to discuss the upper numbers (11-20), we begin with the powers that are the “as above“…the numbers that are related to beyond this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is blue“…

11 = Grandfather Stars and Sister Moons

Stars Sun Moon Water

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, Grandfather Stars and Sister Moons are the enlightenment of collective consciousness and represent the number 11. Eleven is intellect within the light. Eleven gives us memory and recall.

The Elders teach us that Grandfather Stars are all stars that have planets with human life. You mean more than our planet Earth have human life? In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we have been taught that yes, there is human life beyond Grandmother Earth.

Consequently, Sister Moons are all around these planets with human life. Our own moon is called “Waheyton.” She is a sister to Grandmother Earth. She works with Earth to control the cycles, tides and seasons. However, she also dances with the sun. The Elders say the moon is Grandfather Sun’s “second wife.”

According to the Elders in this Twister Hairs cosmology, there are basically four kinds of stars: blue, white, yellow and red. The red stars are the grandfathers, like our planet Earth and sun. If, in its rays of light, the star has the cosmic seed to impregnate a fertile planet, it is a grandfather star or sun. They have planets that bare life revolving around them. The fertile planet is the sun’s mate and the other planets are her sisters.

The influences or effects of the moon as an actual heavenly body are experienced at the number 9. The moon functions as a mediator between the sun and the earth. Therefore, we say the moon also recalls all memory. This kind of memory isn’t a reference to your grocery list! It is genetic body memory of all that has and will be.

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