Sexuality is the Soul…

SEXUALITY is the SOUL of the Twenty Count. The Powers of the Universe are twenty variations on the theme of the Universal Life Force Energy, the pulsating Chi that flows through all living matter. That pulse, that throbbing life, is sexuality. The essence of life, the interconnecting web or matrix is the soul of the universe.

We are not isolated entities disconnected from this planet we live on. Each of the powers of the Twenty Count is a manifestation of the spiritual essence, the Soul of the Universe.

The Twenty Count cannot really be taught. Yet describing the powers of the Twenty and dialoguing with them awakens within us the knowing of their existence within and without. The Twenty Count forms the basic framework or structure of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings. It describes the interconnection and interrelationship of all forms of all things.


Are You Ready To Approach Sex With Wisdom & Joy?

Are You Ready To Approach Sex With Wisdom & Joy?

Are you ready to approach sex with more wisdom and joy?
Spiritual Sexuality: Quodoushka 1 in Phoenix for singles and couples is for you!

May 29 – June 1, 2014

  • Redefine sexuality for your health and well being, for singles and couples.
  • Bring out the best in you – as you bring more care, quality and integrity to your life.
  • The Q is about respect for Life – and the power of learning through the pleasure of being in the physical.
  • Pleasure is mastery of the Physical.

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For more information and Q introduction, email or go to Facebook for the event page and info.

Q1 is the doorway into a new understanding of your sexual energy. The intent of the teachings at this level include —

• awakening your natural self
• deepening your connection to your beauty
• experiencing a healthy joyful expression of your sexuality

Read what one woman said after the January Q1 in Phoenix:

“I am a certified sex therapist and a certified Sky Dancing Tantra teacher. I am also a licensed clinical social worker and I have a private psychotherapy practice. I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to grow sexually and spiritually, psychologically and emotionally and in and through relationships. It is an amazingly deep, meaningful, playful and spiritual program for sexual and psychological growth. It has transformed my life. I believe it is a profound way of transforming the world.”

Diana Owens, LCSW
Certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher

Imagine That Sex Is Natural, Sacred & Beautiful!

Take your sexuality and your life to a whole new level in 2014! 
The ‘Q’ experience will not only enhance your sex life, it will bring tremendous vitality and joy into your relationships, friendships, career and family. Expand and accept your sexuality as healthy, natural and exciting. Become a better lover & experience how honest communication paves the way for more sexual joy, passion and playfulness in your life. 

How? Through the next Quodoushka spiritual sexuality workshop coming up in Michigan!

Quodoushka I: May 2 – 5, 2014
Quodoushka II: May 8 – 11, 2014
A residential retreat in the lush woods of Michigan 

Attend as a single or come with a partner … either way you can enjoy one or both weekends. You will learn more about yourself as a spiritual sexual being than you have ever felt in your life. Based in the shamanic tradition, Quodoushka helps you fully enjoy the intimacy, sex and love you deserve. Transformative shamanic teachings, guided exercises and ceremonial experiences make this a unique experience and opportunity.   


Early Bird Registration until February 28! 
REGISTER ONLINE NOW for the Q1 &/or the Q2 

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Thousands of people say they have reconnected with the naturalness, the beauty, and the power of their sexuality by attending the Q. Here is how some other participants have expressed their gains: 

“Having over 30 years completed a myriad of workshops, this is by far the most powerful useful‚ workshop for embodiment of a joyful blissful life.”

~ Diane, Psychotherapist, Brisbane, Australia 

“My sexuality exploded this weekend.  I saw more, learned more, felt more, and experienced more than I ever have in my life!”

~ Alene, facilitator, Prescott, AZ, USA 

“I felt like going back to school (grade 1) to learn the why, how’s and possibilities about the area of my sexuality. It is profound, impactful and life changing.”

~ Linda, USA 

More About Quodoushka Level 1 & Level 2 

Quodoushka 1: The focus of the first level of Quodoushka is about your individual sexual self. It’s a reclaiming of your personal energy and a Rite of Passage into a more natural, empowered way of appreciating your sexuality. Through the wisdom of these ancient teachings, you will gain an understanding of what keeps you from fully enjoying the intimacy, sex and love you deserve. The ‘Q’ experience will not only enhance your sex life; it will bring tremendous vitality and joy into your relationships, friendships, career and family.   

Quodoushka 2: The second level of Quodoushka is about embracing your new found sexual energy. You will also learn detailed shamanic lover’s techniques to share with a partner-whether you are in a relationship or are looking for one. The Quodoushka 2 exercises help you understand what you truly need as a man or a woman in order to enjoy a rich, healthy sexual life. You will return home knowing how to sustain more kindhearted intimacy in your relationships. As you learn skills to become a better lover, you will experience how honest communication paves the way for more sexual joy, passion and playfulness in your life. 

Please note, you can attend either Q as a free dancer or as a couple. Q1 is a prerequisite for Q2.  Are you ready to transform your sexual life?

Book Launch: The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path features teachings and ceremony related to all of our human aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual soul force energy.  The teachings on this path dealing particularly with the sexual soul force energy, or our life force energy, are called Chuluaqui Quodoushka.

Since 1985, hundreds of Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality workshops have been offered, with thousands of participants worldwide, bringing an expanded view of sexuality and a healthy integration of spirituality and sexuality into everyday life.

However, these teachings have not been available in written form – until now!  The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition, written by long-time Quodoushka instructor Amara Charles, was officially launched on Tuesday, September 27, with a book-signing party in Phoenix, AZ.  And, on that day, the book reached #1 Best Seller in Shamanism. #2 Best Seller in Mysticism and New Age Religion, #3 in Human Sexuality. Congratulations to all!

From the Forward by Thunder Strikes:

How many men and women could benefit from learning that they don’t have to go through relationships unconsciously or lose connection to their sexuality as they age? Quodoushka shows us that we can do something to sustain and increase our vitality in life. In order to remain healthy, full of energy and to thrive in a world faced with perilous decisions that effect all of our freedoms, you’ve got to get as close to God as you know how. Making love is the fastest and most beautiful way Creation has designed for human beings to be able to touch Spirit. Therefore, examine these teachings closely, question with boldness, search for the truth and find your own way into the heart of your circle of self.

The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka is also available from: