Seven Dimensions: Imagination


There are Seven Dimensions within this universe through which light becomes life and gives life.  The Seven Steps describe how energy moves through life in a constant and continuous cycle.  The Seven Dimensions refer to the seven levels of existence and the potential levels of awareness of that existence.

Imagination, with understanding in place, creates empowerment.  Play with this word: “image a nation… I the Magi, within my circle of empowerment.”  At this step, we must be willing to recognize all the faces of whatever is reflected to us as a part of us.  In the Twenty Count, six is the place of the ancestors.  If we are to have a proper understanding within our imagination to gain freedom from our pattern, we must be grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband and wife (in both parts of the relationship, i.e., wife-husband and husband-wife).  Either now, before or in the future, we will dance all of the faces of these reflections.  Imagination is the extension of who we are outside of time and space.

Visionary Dream

crystal ball

In the Northeast is the Visionary Dream. It is the chaos place of dreaming. In these dreams you, as your Higher Self, are working with the teachers of the Light in order to receive the “visions” you need to further your understanding of self and life and how to design your energies properly to actualize your Sacred Dream. This dream usually occurs when you are awake, and it transcends time and space. It gives you a glimpse of the future through opening portals, which show you how the future has the potential of occurring, and gateways, which show you the way it already is. As with the Prophetic Dream, you will not know for sure it your dream was a Visionary Dream until it manifests in the tonal.

Mirror Dreams vs. Controlled Dreams

mirror v controlled

All Mirror Dreams are not necessarily Controlled Dreams, but all Controlled Dreams are Mirror Dreams. Mirror Dreams may become Controlled Dreams if you become conscious that you are asleep and dreaming. The way to enter the Mirror Dream, and move into Controlled Dreaming, is:

  1. You must wake up in the dream and be aware that you are dreaming, even as you are asleep.
  2. Next, you must be able to follow the sequence of yourself dreaming and make a willful decision to take control of the dream. Allow your sleeping self to give your dream self the command to “Go look at your eyes in a place of reflection” (for example a mirror or still pond).
  3. Let your sleeping dream follow the guide of the waking dream. Your sleeping self and your dreaming self must communicate within the context of your dreamscape. For example, in the dream I am sitting in a car talking to someone. My sleeping self becomes aware that I am dreaming and says to the dreaming self, “Go look at your eyes in a place of reflection.” The dreaming self says to the other person they are in the car with “Excuse me a moment” and looks into the rear view mirror. This dreamscape must remain the same as your dreaming self responds, that is, the context must remain the same within the dreamscape even as the action of the command changes it.
  4. Once your dreaming self sees its reflection, the dreaming self will go get the sleeping self, and at that point you are controlling the dream. Now you can safely change the dreamscape.
  5. When your dreaming self looks at itself in the reflective surface, you will hear a high-pitched hum. At that point, your Mirror Dancer unites with your dreaming self. A crack (doorway) will open and you will leave your body. When you gaze into the reflective surface, go into your eyes and look back at your dreaming self looking into the mirror. In this way, an “eye bridge” is created and the snap out of your body will be guaranteed. This will also shut out any dark influences.

At this point, you are operating under the twice energy law. That is, for every two hours that you are out in the Controlled Dream you will gain four hours of rejuvenation, regeneration, and recuperation. When you are asleep and dreaming in a Controlled Mirror Dream, you will not have consciousness of time and space the way you do in the third dimension. Time and space do not exist except as reference points for the conscious mind.

What an amazing advantage this is! In thirteen seconds of controlled mirror dreaming, you can be taught much more than is possible in physical form over a much longer span of time. This is the main reason the Twisted Hairs have perfected controlling the dream.

Note: Many people equate lucid dreaming with the Controlled Dream. This is not accurate. In a lucid dream, all of your senses are present, but you have no control over them as you do in the Controlled Dream.

Controlled Dreaming


Whether you are a Nobody, a Have Made It or a Super Star is determined by you dreaming this dream called life the way you want it. This process is simple, but not easy. Your ability to switch your thinking slightly about who you think you are as a physical being in your body makes this process easier.

Most people think of themselves as a body which occupies space. We are rather a space within which resides a body. We are actually Magnetic Attracting Thought Spaces of energy (MATS) within the universe. Within our MAT, we dream an image of a physical body. Take a look at your physical body right now. Your body is here in this way because you dreamed it. It is a holographic image; our living book of life. The concept of dreaming your physical body the way it is, transfers over to the other aspects of your being. For example, if you are attached and co-dependent or have no creativity, this is so because you dreamed it into your awake dream reality. If you have abundance, a good relationship and are happy, this is the dream you’ve
been dreaming.

Many people don’t like reading this because it puts the responsibility for change squarely on their shoulders. From previous teachings, you know that 80% of what happens to you and the way you are is a response to pattern. Only 20% is minimal chance/chaos, i.e., the will of the Great Spirit.

Pay attention to what you focus your attention on! Keep moving your attention forward. The passage of time is a man-made illusion. Time is merely a reference point to identify where you are in space. You are a MAT in motion.

Over the next ten days, we will explore the categories of Controlled Dreaming.  It will give you the opportunity to identify where you spend most of your time.

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Warrior Wednesday – Space and Distance


In each direction of the Warrior Attributes wheel, there are two attributes.  The first attribute carries the feminine energy and the second carries the masculine energy.  In each pair, you must have the feminine aspect mastered before you can step into and embody the masculine aspect.

The Warrior’s Attributes in the Southwest are space and distance. This refers to the gap between yourself and life’s experiences. When the action is happening and the cameras are rolling, space refers to how well you can stay open to the action and remain centered within yourself.

Distance refers to how close you will allow others (and life’s experience) inside your energy field. You will notice that a boxer constantly leads with short jabs, trying to gauge the space between himself and his opponent. When he determines the amount of space, he will know the distance he needs to cover in order to deliver his knock-down punch. When confronted with a closed symbol, do you need to create more space or close the gap in order to deal with it?

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