Mirror of Self-Reflection

17_1003 Reflection

We begin this series today to alert you, inspire you, and support you to see, to feel, and to know yourself.  Each post will be an invitation to look into the mirror of nature, of life, or your own being to catch glimpses of beauty and know you are blessed.

What do we mean by the ‘mirror of something’?

We look into the mirror often – several times a day.  Some are compulsive, worried; few are admiring, endearing; and many look without seeing.  We spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and money concerned about our external beauty – without apparent satisfaction.

We fix our hair, check for wrinkles, pull unwanted hairs, and for goodness sake, let there be no streak or smear or embarrassing messes.  Most gaze only at the surface appearances.  Most are concerned only about what others will see and what they will think.

Some look to see themselves – without this look, there is little self-awareness of how they are present in the world.  Few of us actually gaze a little deeper – few take time to connect to who is really looking into that mirror.

It has been said, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.”  We know this depth when gazing into the eyes of our beloved.  We recognize this truth when we hold a young infant and feel the wisdom of eternity gazing back at us.  But, do we see it when we look into our own eyes? Do we dare SEE our own SOUL?

So often, we blind ourselves with projections of expectations, emotions held over from unresolved past experiences and false beliefs that cloud our perceptions.  When we look in the mirror, our eyes are glazed over, veiled so we cannot see / feel the Truth.  We glance when no one is looking.  We turn away when the reflection is objective and clear.  And so, we into our day with our burdens intact and our old beliefs unchanged.

The upcoming posts are taken from Journeys into the Mirror written by Janneke Koole, one of the leaders on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  Each post will invite you to look and see – to really see and get to know who it is that is looking in the mirror.  You will be invited to look into nature as if it were a mirror.

Nature, our Great Mother, is calling us.  As you read the posts, take a moment to stop your busy-ness and listen.  Open your heart and let the smile of recognition nourish your inner beauty.  In this way, you will be blessed this day – and you will be a greater blessing to others.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Journeys into the Mirror: A Journal for Women written by Janneke Koole, Illustrated by Mukee Okan, you can find it at DTMMS.

Fifth Cosmic Law

cosmic 5

“Change Produces Chaos”

Chaos provides moments of power and evolutionary leaps.  We are wise to welcome chaos, not resist it.  Our willingness to change and to ride the waves of chaos will propel us much faster along our soul’s evolutionary journey.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi or The Thirty Sacred Laws by Claudia van Corva.

Transformation to Soul Consciousness

cleaning house

In order to make a transformation to soul consciousness as balanced humans, we are called upon to be in a state of sobriety – awake, aware, and alert to reality as it really is.  This means digging diligently and courageously into our inner landscape – cleaning house, mending fences, healing wounds, bringing our potential and passion out into the light and acting now to shatter that external shadow mirror.

There is no time to waste!

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Our Great Shamanic Work


The powers of the Twenty Count are the MAT spaces that empower us to become greater than the spaces we fill in order to have excellence. For there to be evolutionary growth, we must not only fill and become the space; our soul yearns to expand that space to make it greater.  This is our refinement of character, our Great Shamanic Work.

You can read more about the Great SunDance Journey of the Soul in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Great Work of the Soul


“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.”

~ Plato ~

This is the great work of the soul.

Identifying patterns that no longer work is the first step.  Having the courage to change, to step into the unknown, to battle the inner pretense and pretender voices is the act of a Warrior!  Embracing change as a way of being is walking with Benevolent death, the little death that helps us to change, transform, and birth ourselves anew.  Embodying changes the soul is calling us to make moves us to be our Natural Self.

Everything changes except the fact that everything changes.  What are you going to do today, thus moment, to become more of who you truly are?

Sexuality is the Soul…

SEXUALITY is the SOUL of the Twenty Count. The Powers of the Universe are twenty variations on the theme of the Universal Life Force Energy, the pulsating Chi that flows through all living matter. That pulse, that throbbing life, is sexuality. The essence of life, the interconnecting web or matrix is the soul of the universe.

We are not isolated entities disconnected from this planet we live on. Each of the powers of the Twenty Count is a manifestation of the spiritual essence, the Soul of the Universe.

The Twenty Count cannot really be taught. Yet describing the powers of the Twenty and dialoguing with them awakens within us the knowing of their existence within and without. The Twenty Count forms the basic framework or structure of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings. It describes the interconnection and interrelationship of all forms of all things.