7 Arrows – Rainbow Arrow of Gaining Full & Open Heart-to-Heart Communication


The Rainbow Arrow of Gaining Full and Open Heart-to-Heart Communication is gifted to us when we persistently select the Light Arrow of Self-Love.  Self-Love helps us to embody self-confidence, where we understand that we may receive any one of the five perceptions (love, like, neutrality, dislike, or hate) with any action we make. With self-confidence, we look to meet our own desires in the present moment, as opposed to being caught in the delusions of needs not met by others in the past or the future.

Aligning with all forms of all things, all that breathes calls to us to wake up to who we truly are in our true nature spirit personality. Our healing energy of self, our “being-ness” touches our self, life, and others.  Understanding that all matter is us allows us to communicate with Spirit.

7 Arrows – Light Arrow of Self-Love


Did you know that no matter what we do, how we act, or what we say, there are five human responses to any action?   Some people are going to love us, some will hate us, others may like or dislike us, and some are going not going to even care (be in neutrality).  When we base our actions on trying to obtain a like or love response, we pick up the dark arrow of expectations.

To break this dark arrow, all we have to do is pick up the Light Arrow of Self-Love.  When we love ourselves, we develop self-confidence in who we are, what we do, and what we say to the extent that any response we receive from others will not initiate our pretender voices, disrupt our balance, or propel us to pick up the dark arrows again.  With Self-Love, we develop and maintain a strong commander voice that reminds us of our beauty, strength, wisdom, shining, and all our other amazing aspects!

Medicine Wheel Gathering: Ontario Canada

It is time to celebrate and grow again!  ICSS’ popular Medicine Wheel Gathering returns for its second year:

ICSS Medicine Wheel Gathering

ICSS Medicine Wheel Gathering

Last year we celebrated the opening of the gates into the 5th world.  We did ceremony, shared teachings, enjoyed the warmth of our community (including swimming and ice cream) and reveled in the beautiful weather of August.

This year we have entered the 5th world and are living in unsettled times.  Our theme this year is “For the Love of Self” where you will discover your sacred container, the deep well of self-love and self-devotion.  We invite you to dance with us again as we leave the familiar of the 4th world behind and enter into this new adventure called the 5th world.

The Medicine Wheel Gathering runs August 22-25, in Ontario. For more information, visit the Medicine Wheel Gathering Dream of the New World page at ICSS.