An Exercise for Gaining Balanced Choreography of Energy

You’ve read our past posts on what is Balanced Choreography of Energy and what is Imbalanced Choreography. Most of us experience times of imbalance, lost or even harmful energy. What can we do about it?

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The following exercise is meant to help you identify when you’re out of balance with your choreography of energy, and what you can do to regain balance.

  1. Choose a duration of time. whether it be a day or a week. Decide to step into an objective observer/witness place with yourself. In other words, you are going to step back or away from yourself to observe without judgment or criticism how you balance or don’t balance energy improper alignment.
  1. Observe! It’s often easier to observe others than ourselves. If you observe something in others, make sure you relate it to yourself, or to a time when you did the same.
  1. Write what you observe in a journal. In the process, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I staying in the moment with the expression of my emotions and giving with them? Or am I creating an imbalance? If there is an imbalance, identify the direction. For example, am I holding with my emotions in the West or receiving with my emotions in the North? State specifically how you are out of balance with your emotions. Click to review imbalances with emotions.

Am I allowing energy to move through my body? Do I have plenty of energy to move through my day? Or am I draining energy through improper choreography? If I am out of balance with my physical body, in what direction? And I giving with my body in the South, or determining with it in the East? State specifically how your body is out of balance. Click to review imbalances with the physical body.

Do I see a minimum of three different viewing points or options when receiving input in my mind? Or do I have tunnel and see only one way to do something? If so, identify the direction and aspect of its imbalance. Click to review imbalances with the mind.

Am I passionate about my life? Do I have hope? Or do I lack spirit and feel hopeless and helpless? If so, name the direction and aspect of its imbalance. Click to review imbalances with spirit.

Am I openhearted? Or do I feel shutdown and lifeless? Click to review imbalances with sexual life force energy.

  1. Keep an inventory. Look for patterns that occur time and time again. For each pattern you discover, make an affirmation about what you are going to do differently to bring yourself and your energy into balance in that area.