Self-Defense and Healing in Seattle

How does the inner knowing and being of a warrior overlap with that of a healer?  How does knowing healing ways and practices both support and require the mindset of a warrior?

In March the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge brought in two Black Lodge instructors for a weekend workshop dealing with exactly that question.  The weekend began on Friday with a day-long introductory self-defense class dealing with the ethics and emotional realities of self-defense as well as the practical how-to aspects.  On Saturday participants engaged in an NRA Home Firearm Safety class, in which they learned the essential rules of firearm safety, as well as how to identify and unload various types of firearms.  Then, Saturday evening, the crosstraining between the warrior mindset and healing began.  Mateo Swan, of Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge, took participants through the various mindset, discipline and training connections, and then everyone began preparations for a healing ceremony, which took place Sunday morning.

“Excellent course.”
“Great that the instructors were so encouraging, understanding and supportive.”

A total of 17 people participated in the weekend in Seattle.

Upcoming events at the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge include monthly classes in Portland and teaching weekends in Seattle, as well as a vision quest week in August and a Quodoushka in October.  For more information, contact Mateo Swan and Martha Iosbaker at

You can find more information about Black Lodge, the physical health and skills development aspect of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, and about the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm, at the DTMMS web site 

Ceremonial Gathering in the Pacific Northwest

Raven Speaks Lightning gathering

Raven Speaks Lightning gathering

The lovely Pacific Northwest

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge in the Pacific Northwest recently completed their third week-long ceremonial gathering.  Held in the beautiful Washington countryside near the Columbia River Gorge, the gathering was attended by 30 people.  This year the gathering concluded with a day of ceremonial prayer.

Started in 2006, the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge has attracted an enthusiastic and growing group.  The lodge sponsors regular teachings and ceremony, as well as work with the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm, ceremonial weeks in nature, drumming and singing.  Lodge activities occur monthly in both Portland and Seattle. 

For more information about this group, contact Mateo and Martha at

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