Choices of Energetic Response: Opposition


Opposition energy sits in the Southwest. This is the most misunderstood energy on the wheel. Most people think of opposition as something which is placed opposite or against something else. As an energy choice, though, opposition means working with open versus closed energy. Negative opposition is when there is an illusionary distance placed between you and your goal that stops you from getting to the heart of the matter. You give your power away. (An undertone of this energy is trying to prove your worth.) Positive opposition seeks to bridge a paradox.

Look at it this way: opposition is two parts of the whole of something. Both sides are needed to complete the picture. A man comes home from work and after dinner wants to make love with his wife, but she wants to tell him about her day. They have chosen opposition energy. If they can see that both hold parts of the whole picture, bridge the gap and begin their love making with a talk about the day, they have moved into positive opposition. If a bridge is not found, the result is paradox without a solution.

When we truly understand the nature of opposition, we can gain solution by bridging the paradox without judgments. We take action to find the bridge between the paradox, rather than watching or waiting for something to happen. The positive expression of opposition is doing what we do because it’s the best we know how to do. In the words of Jeff Cooper, creator of American Pistol Institute, “Do you know what to do? Are you capable of doing it? Take care of business.” When faced with opposition energy and wanting to be in the light, first focus your intent, decide what to do, then take responsibility. The Great Spirit has a grand design (or a great sense of humor). Try to see the greater picture.

Choices of Energetic Response

Energetic response

No matter which Orende Law of Attraction we experience (repulsion, adhesion, cohesion, or change), we have four choices of energetic response: competition, opposition, conflict, or alignment. This is how we work with the energy that is present. They sit in the non-cardinals on the wheel. These choices of energy can be dealt with in the dark or in the light. Our attitude toward these choices makes the difference in the quality of their expression.