Spirit World: Omitakoyasin


Omitakoyasin, who sit in the East of the Spirit World wheel, are the spirits of all ancestors of all humans on this planet Since Always and For Always.  People who enter into your circle of life experience have done so because you have dreamed them there.  In some way, your souls have established an agreement that allows you to empower each other’s evolution.  We are all related.

In the East, we determine with the spirit through passion and lust. The words passion and lust are bound to create controversy. Think of it this way. You have not had an apple in a long time, and you may never have an apple again. As you eat this apple, you totally focus your attention on it. With all your senses, you taste the juice of it; you are aware of the texture and smell of it.  You savor every morsel of it as if it were the only thing going in town. This is eating an apple with passion and lust. So, in our lives, with everything we do, whether it is cleaning the floor, writing a paper, or making love, we should do it with the spirit of passion and lust, as if it were the last moment of life. Savor each moment by determining with your intent and focus from your spirit.

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