Celebrating a Rare Birth: Bison No. 7’s White Calf

White bison calf is born June 2012Looking for signs?  Here’s an auspicious one: a white buffalo calf was born in Connecticut last month.  Here are a few pieces from the New York Times article, A Bison So Rare It’s Sacred:

…when Bison No. 7 on Peter Fay’s farm gave birth to a white, 30-pound bull calf a month ago, it made the Fay farm below Mohawk Mountain, for the moment at least, the unlikely epicenter of the bison universe.

…Mrs. White Mouse, a member of the Oglala Lakota people, said a white bison was believed to be a manifestation of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden, or Ptesan Wi. She is revered as a prophet, who in a time of famine taught the Lakotas seven sacred rituals and gave them their most important symbol of worship, the sacred pipe.

“They are very rare, and when a white bison is born there is a reason for each one to be here,” Mrs. White Mouse said.