Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 6

Opening the gates to the human worldNote: December 21, 2012 was the final day in one of the Long Counts in the Mayan Calendar.  There were rumors that the end of that long count would also be the “end of the world”.  Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, this date represents the opportunity to enter a new world: the human world.  This is the final part in a 6-part series, written by Janneke Koole, on the opening of the gates to the human world. In Part 6, we look back at the prophecy and forward to how we can work with it.

Remember, we began with the questions about the end of the Mayan Long Count – the “end of the world”:

“Wonderful,”  you say, “I see lots of excitement and anticipation but don’t have a clue what this really means. What does this have to do with me and what’s in it for me?”

Some say this is the day that the world will end; some say nothing will happen. No one really knows what is happening nor what it exactly all means.

But what we do know is that we are here and this is what is happening NOW. We are gathered together to share with one another and to pray together so that we can learn how to care, heal, and love one another in a more powerful way than ever before. We are here to carry an ancient lineage forward into our metis world.

We stand at what our Elders call the Opening of the Gates to the Human World – a turning point for us as individuals and in our larger world.

It is our choices, our daily choices moving us toward either the dark or the light, that will either put another obstacle in front of the Gates or push/pull the Gates open. Either we step forward and inspire others to do the same, or we step backwards and block the very path for those who walk with us or after us. There is no standing still!

Now, take a breath and let’s ask that question again: What’s this got to do with me? What’s in it for me?

For an overview of the Four Worlds and human aspects teachings, see the Red Lodge Year One page.

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teachings, there are four Worlds of Grandmother Earth: Minerals, Plants, Animals, and Humans.  Humans hold the quality of Determining – that is, we as humans have choice, free will; the ability to determine for ourselves as individuals how we will move forward in our lives.  We exercise this power of choice in everything from our smallest moment-to-moment decisions to our biggest life choices:  what to have for breakfast, which shoes we’ll wear today,  which of our talents we will invest in and develop, whether we will have a life partner and who it will be, whether we will walk a spiritual path and what it will be.

Choice is a central part of humanness, and as we move into the Human World, our choices take on more power and significance.  Your choices take on more power and significance.

Now is the time to take this in, and to bring your full self, with all your potential and beauty, into play.  What do you bring into the Human World that is yours? What is unique about your way of caring, healing, loving? What can you do to foster your individual human contribution to this world?

Make a time for yourself to reflect honestly and clearly on your gifts, your individuality, your beauty.  From that, write down at least three things that you now know are yours to do or become, your part in Opening the Gate to the Human World.

Investing in yourself, in your growth, in your movement towards the light, is investing in Opeing the Gates to the Human World. How will you do this?

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