Wheels, Keys, Knowledge, Enlightenment


When we refer to circular logic, it often means chasing our tails or thinking and talking crazy.  We strive to connect thoughts in a line: first A, then B, which leads to C, D, E, and so on.  Logical, right?  Most of the time, we don’t actual think or process information in this lineal fashion.  One thought leads to a memory, while another takes us into the future, which then circles back to experiences, smells, relationship, and connections.

Circles are used in the Sweet Medicine SunDance path to take snapshots of knowledge in time and space to help us learn and evolve.  The knowledge is actually recorded and encoded on Wheels, which are multi-layered, comprehensive, and moves and deepens as we build our relationship to the knowledge. They are cognitive maps, tools that enhance understanding.

When we apply the Wheels and Keys in our own personal growth and change work, they are like weapons to conquer the enemy within. Some Wheels and Keys are like road maps explaining how to best maneuver through your everyday reality.  Some Wheels and Keys are blueprints outlining the greater picture of our spiritual reality.  Knowledge contained within the Wheels are Keys to enlightenment.

You are about to embark on a journey into the world of Wheels and Keys. If you are a linear thinker, you will need to adjust your thinking process and engage in the creative venture of circular thinking.

You will be exposed to new languaging and concepts. Familiar words will take on new meanings. New words are created to illuminate assumptions and mysteries. Some of the ancient magickal words when translated into English would take a sentence or paragraph to describe. They are written as they sound and spelled to contain the original magick within their letters.

The concept of the LAW OF ALL ENERGY IN MOVEMENT will challenge you. Do not try to figure it out! Let it be a Key that spins your mind into new places and new ways of understanding.

You are invited to study and learn these Wheels and Keys, work with them and apply them in as many contexts as you can until they begin to dance with you. These Wheels and Keys are alive and will breathe through you, awakening your memory of what it is to walk on this Earth in balance and harmony.

Invite the Wheel to teach you.

Use the key to unlock the door.

Be courageous and walk through the door into unexplored territory!

Make the unknown Known!


Home Lodge of the Uncommon Warrior – in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge, the home lodge of DTMMS in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA

Today we are highlighting the so-called “home lodge” of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society: the Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA.

Warrior Spirit Lodge is called the home lodge of DTMMS because is is the teaching lodge affiliated with our mother lodge, our Center in Scottsdale.

Community – Teachings – Ceremony

The Warrior Spirit Lodge presents teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, addressing topics including our physical and energy bodies, balance and alignment, dealing with blocks to growth and maturity, rites of passage, and healing .  These teachings, ceremonies, and spiritual practices feed the uncommon warrior in each of us who strives for excellence.

Warrior Spirit Lodge offers classes, ceremonial experiences and events in the Scottsdale, AZ area for adults and families, including special events for children.  Visit the Warrior Spirit Lodge meetup for information about events and what people are saying about them!

Red Lodge Longhouse Curriculum: New and Improved!

Red Lodge LonghouseThe Red Lodge Longhouse is DTMMS’ intensive program featuring the foundational teachings, wheels and keys, and gateway ceremonies in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  For many years, the format of our Red Lodge program was a 3-year curriculum, broken into 3 year-long levels or segments, which students could engage in year by year (that is, a student signing up for first year was under no obligation to go on the second year).

In 2008, a committee of Red Lodge teachers revised the entire program curriculum, expanding from a 3-year format to a 4-year format.  This allows for:

  • additional teachings and workings on topics relevant to our daily lives
  • more time for discussion and integration of the teachings, wheels and keys in each year – especially Year 3 and the new Year 4
  • a better organization of the related ceremonies, which contribute significantly to the integration of the knowledge into our lives

In the new curriculum, as in the old, students commit to one year at a time, similar to a college or university program. Each year meets seven times in a twelve month period, for six weekends and one full week of ceremony in nature.

In the first year, students learn how to work with wheels and keys, the circular paradigm of knowledge.  The basic wheels and keys in first year Red Lodge are the foundation of future work, and are highly relevant to life.  (For example, the elemental balance wheel is key to our health!)

In second year, students focus on their particular lives and how they negotiate within them. Students will discover what kind of character structure they have and why their bodies look and work as they do. They also learn about your molding, sculpting and armoring and how they have created a predictable pattern of reaction to people and events in their daily lives.  The task of this year is to see where and how our patterns limit our experience of anything new.

In third year, students are introduced to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Healing Paradigm and begin to learn how to use its tools to heal themselves and others.  Third year also explores the concept of living in “Dharma”: living a life of strong spiritual determination where you are no longer at the effect of old patterns but open to new opportunities and evolution into your higher potential.

In fourth year, students go more deeply into the Healing Paradigm, as well as Dharmic living.

DTMMS offers the Red Lodge Longhouse in Phoenix, AZ; Detroit, MI; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and Tuscany, Italy.  For more information, visit: our Red Lodge page.

Arizona Red Lodge 2010 Begins

On January 22, the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse began its 2010 program – featuring the premier of the new, improved Year 3 curriculum.

Year 3 introduces students to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Healing Paradigm, a highly sophisticated paradigm that helps us to uncover the cause behind all symptoms of sickness, disease and illness, and offers us tools for self-healing.  The new curriculum includes tools for living your life in “Dharma” – a life of strong spiritual determination where you are no longer at the effect of old patterns but open to new opportunities and evolution into your higher potential.

The new Year 4 curriculum will debut in 2011!

Arizona Red Lodge dates for 2010 are:

  • January 22-24
  • February 26-28
  • April 23-25
  • June 4-6
  • August 2-8 (Ceremonial Week)
  • September 24-26
  • November 12-14

DTMMS offers Red Lodge Longhouse programs in Phoenix, AZ; Detroit, MI; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and Tuscany, Italy.  Arizona Red Lodge runs on a calendar year schedule; the other programs begin their new years in September.  For more information on the Red Lodge Longhouse Programs, visit:

Our Children, Our Selves: Rites of Passage

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society embraces the fact that our children are the future of the world. The children will grow up to become world leaders, national leaders, volunteers, athletes, teachers, politicians and much more. If the children are taught to think freely, solve problems, and assume authority for their actions then they will help the world continue to prosper in the years to come.

For this reason, Rites of Passage are a very important part of our offerings.  These ceremonies mark important stages in our development, helping us recognize, celebrate and integrate our growth and process of maturing.  Rites of Passage ceremonies begin in childhood, and continue through adolescence, adulthood, and into and through our elder stages.

Through the wheels and keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, we nourish the creative spirits of the children and prepare them for obstacles later in life. We offer various opportunities for children of all ages.