Meeting These Challenges


Our own inner awakening, or the Great Shamanic Work, begins our ability to meet these challenges.  We can no longer look outside ourselves for the quick solutions. We must go within and make the changes necessary to bring forth love, harmony and beauty.

As Within, So Without

We cannot create significant change on any level, particularly a planetary level, if we are not willing to make significant changes in ourselves.  Out of our individual stretch for excellence, self-healing, and accountability, we can live fulfilled, meaningful lives and take our place among the Rainbow Light Warriors who form the collective rallying force for the Gold Horse.

We are pioneers at the edge of a major leap in consciousness and evolutionary development.  The Hopi prophecies say we are in the process of moving into the Fifth World, and we are blessed with the divine opportunity to redefine that world.  Do we have the commitment, the courage, and the imagination to step up to the line and enlist in this most auspicious of opportunities, the challenge of becoming balanced humans?

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

The Horse Race for Humanity


Is the tale of the Horse Race just another forecast of doom and gloom?  What does it all have to do with us, really?  With evolutionary cycles quickening and energies polarizing, we are at a crossroads of choice – light vs. dark, good vs. evil, wealth vs. poverty, freedom vs. tyranny, joy and fulfillment vs. depression and despair, vibrant health and emotional balance vs. stress and sickness.  Evolution and change are catapulting us at warp speed into new paradigms, calling us to stand accountable for who and what we are in the world.

We yearn for the light, constantly looking for ways to make our dreams of harmony, balance, and beauty a reality.  We are inspired by our vision of a fuller life. Unfortunately, many of us are overcome by the enormity of the task and throw up our hands in frustration.  Many of us just sit on the fence, waiting to see what will happen or waiting for someone else to do it for us.

Life develops what it demands, and life is demanding that we go beyond our self-focus to soul consciousness, to step into action as warriors in every aspect of our lives to serve humanity and the planet.  If we do not choose to get off the fence on our own, events will knock us off.

What will it take?  Step out of the weaknesses of complacency, naivete, and the lack of reality awareness.  Break away from the prisoner bonds of convenience and comfort that come at a tremendous cost to our planet and quality of life.  Quit being satisfied with information and entertainment.

Seek wisdom and knowledge that only come from direct experience, testing, challenge, and mastery.  Practice your faith and prayers, for they are the intrinsic expressions of yearning for connection and alignment with spirit and the light within us.  Live our lives, moment to moment, fostering love and harmony, focusing on the light and all that is good.

Adopt a warrior’s stance against the dark.  Only then can we face the enemy – both the enemy within as well as the enemy outside ourselves.  Nothing in life overcomes what it runs away from.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Prophecy: The Gold Horse


The Gold Horse carries beauty, power, individual autonomy, and freedom in peace.  It also carries humans in unity: humans living in harmony with one another, teaching one another, sharing with one another, loving and healing one another, caring for and protecting the Earth and all her children.  It races for a world gifted with enlightened leaders and freethinking minds, for compassion and respect for our differences, and for humanity working together for mutual benefit and welfare.  The Gold Horse carries the best in us – our shining potential for greatness as enlightened humans, as Rainbow Light Warriors.

These prophecies speak of the need for the collective presence and intent of 144,000 Rainbow Light Warriors, or awakened humans, fighting for peace, harmony, and individual, autonomous freedom to bring the Gold Horse to victory.

To learn about the Rainbow Bridge Prophecies and so much more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 2

Opening the gates to the human worldNote: December 21, 2012 was the final day in one of the Long Counts in the Mayan Calendar.  There were rumors that the end of that long count would also be the “end of the world”.  Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, this date represents the opportunity to enter a new world: the human world.  This is the second in a series, written by Janneke Koole, on the opening of the gates to the human world. In Part 2, we begin to look at the prophecies related to this change.


This is the place of the physical and encompasses our entire economic world. What do we see? We see economic manipulation, currency wars, crime, violent unrest and corruption inside military engagements. This is the worst of us – in all respects.

What can we do to make a difference? Clear out our inner conflicts, particularly any forms of the war between the genders and male/female imbalance. Resolve all conflicts. Keep access to knowledge open and keep the internet free. Stay aware, informed and active in your own community. Pay attention and be alert – practice sobriety at all times. And keep your bodies toned and healthy – it’s the only vehicle we have this lifetime!! We are the Gold Horse in action.

The Gold Horse: Moving into the LightEAST – THE LIGHT OR GOLD HORSE

This is the place of the spiritual and encompasses our individual path to enlightenment and the collective matrix of spirituality. The Gold Horse has four colts: Beauty, Power, Knowledge, and Freedom. At what level are we feeding these colts? What is our dedication to our individuality, autonomy and freedom? And to what extent do we co-empower others to pursue their spiritual self-growth and development?

Unfortunately, as Thunder Strikes poignantly describes in Elder’s Wisdom, our society has degenerated to demanding handouts and bailouts and thus unwittingly become slaves of those who hold the power to meet those demands.

What can we do to make a difference? Speed onward in your own spiritual growth. Do something, anything, to be part of the solution and refuse to be a victim, a part of the problem. Deepen your connection to Spirit and use all of your tools to eradicate pity and develop benevolent compassion.

Next we will look at the other six directions – remembering that each holds the dynamic polarity of the dark versus the light within it.

In Part 3, we look at the South and Southeast directions of the prophecies. Click here for Part 3.  

See Part 1 for background and overview. 

We are the Ones, Opening to the Promise and Power of 2012

For many, 2012 is a year wherein great change is expected. This change is signaled by the shifting of energy fields, crumbling world view models, and even dissolution of whole paradigms. Most of us agree that “something is happening.” Many postulate but few have clarity in their understanding and even fewer have the wisdom to navigate this change with insightful foresight. We are certainly deeply troubled by the horrors of war, the cruelty against women, children, and the elderly, and the senseless destruction of Nature.

Each day we have the option to choose where, when, and how we invest our energy. Each time we choose for the Light, Beauty, Truth, Liberty/Freedom, and the Maturity of our own self, we feed what is called “the Gold Horse,” the carrier of a deep knowing and unbending intent to stand for the Light on this planet.

In this way, we go forward into our everyday life, spreading the Beauty and Blessing, each in our own unique way. These everyday, simple interactions feed the stream of livingness creating a thundering river that flows towards the gates that are foretold in the prophecies about 2012: the opening of the benevolent compassion of the Human World.