Earth Lodge Germany: August 5-11

What is Earth Lodge?

Earth Lodge is a gathering for people of all ages, a time and place where we come together to reconnect with nature, to celebrate Rites of Passage in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path tradition, and to develop our abilities to let go of pain and self-pity and to meet our true selves.  Earth Lodge is a community, a celebration, a ceremony. This will be the 24th year for Earth Lodge in Germany.

Das Leben ändert sich – wir ändern uns – welche Werkzeuge haben wir, um mit diesen Veränderungen umzugehen? Wie können wir einzelne Situationen unseres Lebens nicht zu ernst nehmen? Wie können wir freudvoll mit der Veränderung tanzen, ohne unsere Energie zu verlieren? Die Earthlodge bietet funktionierendes Wissen an, wie wir Separation verhindern, wie wir uns mit Spirit wieder verbinden und ein gutes Leben entfalten können.

Is Earth Lodge in a big hotel?

Well, no. Earth Lodge is out in nature.  Earth Lodge Germany has several large tents for meetings and community gatherings, and provides simple and environmentally sound facilities and meals.  Those who come to Earth Lodge camp in their own tents.  To reconnect with nature, it helps to be close to her!

What about kids? Is Earth Lodge child-friendly?

Yes!  Earth Lodge has a strong Teen Lodge and Children’s Lodge, and facilitates Rites of Passage for those age groups as well as for adults.

Is Germany the only place with an Earth Lodge?

No – there’s also an Earth Lodge in Italy, which runs August 16-21. Earth Lodge Italy is in its 19th year.

La nostra vita è all’insegna del cambiamento. Il cambiamento è parte dei cicli naturali di cui facciamo parte.

Esistono momenti precisi in cui ognuno di noi sperimenta trasformazioni fisiche e della coscienza. Questi momenti li chiamiamo Riti di Passaggio, un viaggio negli inevitabili cambiamenti della vita. Riconoscere e accettare questi momenti significa predisporsi a vivere la propria esistenza creativamente, in connessione profonda con sé stessi, gli altri e con l’eternità.

Visit the Earth Lodge Germany site, or the Earth Lodge Italy site.

“Abundance” is theme for next DeerTracks (Coming in June)

DeerTracks is the DTMMS newsletter, dedicated to personal excellence, spiritual awakening, and alignment with nature.  The theme for this June issue is ABUNDANCE:  How do you create abundance in your life? How do you define “abundance” for yourself- what ingredients constitute abundance for you? Money? Health? Family? Creative work? Service? Nature?

Articles in DeerTracks bridge ancient wisdom and modern society, provide personal stories from people who study and teach the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path all over the world, and highlight the ways that individuals apply their genius, artistic originality, talents, and skills to make a difference in their profession and in their community. Each issue also provides information about events from across the globe, including Italy, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Canada, the United States and more.

Submissions will be accepted through May 12.  Submission guidelines were recently sent to all apprentices on the DTMMS mailing list.

Articles from previous issues of DeerTracks can be found in the DTMMS reading room.

Volunteer Appreciation, Part 2

We would like to take another moment to say thank you to all the men and women who contribute their time and energy to DTMMS projects.  Specifically:

  • to those who make sure critical publications make it through the translation process from English into Italian, a big thank you!
  • to those who put in the research and compilation time to make sure our Board of Directors has the information they need to make good decisions – thank you!
  • to those who give of their time and skills to keep the various Sweet Medicine SunDance Path events going – a huge thank you!  (For example, Earth Lodge Italy and Earth Lodge Germany)

It is not possible to thank all of our volunteers at once – there are far too many of them.  So we will continue periodically to express our thanks.