First Universal Law


“Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort”

The Universe demonstrates the movement of all energy and motion from spirit into substance and then back from substance into spirit through maximum efficiency with minimum effort.  This means that the Everything creates any form of any thing without wasted or ill-used energy in its application of evolution.  Human beings, with their free will, constantly violate the energy laws, producing the dissonance and imbalance; consequently, we struggle and strive and fight.  If we have a strong connecting link with the intent of Great Spirit, then we are in alignment with this law.  When you are working hard and not getting anywhere, you are out of alignment; paddling upstream, so to speak.

Play more with spirit, and allow your energy to flow: Be like water.  Your resistance will decrease, and you will start to move forward and make progress.  This law creates the lines of least resistance.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi or The Thirty Sacred Laws by Claudia van Corva.


Are You Going With The Flow?

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we often speak of “design and choreography of energy” … in other words how we design, direct and allow our energy to flow to help manifest our dreams and experience this dream of life.

Check out this video demonstrating a relaxed, focused oneness with the flow of energy. How well can we each take a focused, yet highly fluid and relaxed approach to simply flow without stress and be one with our own energy, and what we are manifesting right now? How well are you flowing today?