Dreaming – Types of Dreams


We know from other Course of Study Modules that there are four types of dreams:

  1. The personal dream—our day to day tonal (material, substance) existence and survival
  2. The sacred dream—our self-growth and maturity
  3. The collective dream—peace and freedom on Grandmother Earth
  4. The planetary dream—this planet’s next evolutionary step

What we will concern ourselves within this post is the Sacred Dream. The focus of learning to control the dream is held in these two questions: How can we learn to control our waking dream, our dance through everyday life, and our sleeping dream? How can we get the waking dream and the sleeping dream to become the Sacred Dream?

Most people think we only dream when we fall asleep at night and begin rapid eye movement, switching brain waves from Beta to Alpha to Theta. According to the Elders, when we are awake we are also dreaming. For example, while reading this post, you are doing what is called awake dreaming. However, this is the dream that is an illusion, Maya, the world of “realness.” The fifth-dimension dreamtime is truly “reality.”

To read more about the Controlled Dreaming, see the Course of Study, Series A, Module 6, The Art of Controlled Dreaming



Are you really aware of what you have been dreaming into your reality? Are you happy? Are you aware of what we have been dreaming collectively on this planet? Are we closer to peace and freedom? Do you know that controlling the dream is a way to actualize your Sacred Vision in your life?

As stated in the Gold Horse prophecy, 18,000 light warriors from each of the Eight Great Powers are needed to put the Gold Horse solidly out in front, win the race, and bring in the four colts of Beauty, Power, Knowledge, and Freedom. That is 144,000 totally awake, aware, and alert men and women who are knowledgeable of the reality of the situation on Grandmother Earth and are able to walk their talk and be part of the solution. They must have the courage to defeat “the enemy,” first the inner enemies of fear, anger, guilt, blame, and shame; and then their external manifestations in the form of sickness, disease, pestilence, and the New World Order (in any of its manifestations).

The Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings help prepare you to be able to respond to the Great Mother who is calling in her markers. The alarm clock is going off to awaken the 144,000 Rainbow Warriors. Have you heard her call? Can you awaken and free yourself from the layers of anesthesia and accumulated armoring? We have all collectively and individually created the dark and negative energies that manifest as destruction of the earth. We have the capacity to dream a different dream, which manifests as healing and empowerment.

How have you been dreaming this dance? What is your part to play in making sure you awaken from the nightmare and dream a new dream for Grandmother Earth, one that includes autonomy, individuality, and freedom for all peoples? You are learning about one of the most potent tools available to effect this change in yourself and in the collective: The Art of Controlled Dreaming.

To read more about the Gold Horse Prophecy, see the Course of Study, Series A, Module 6, The Art of Controlled Dreaming

The Dance of the Twenty Count: 17 Dream Teachers

The Children’s Twenty Count describes our world as we live in it, and the powers that influence us here in our attempt to establish interconnection, interreliability and interdependence with all things.

Thus far we have presented in each blog post, the numbers 1- 10, representing the powers that are the “so below“…the numbers that are related to this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is green“…

As we discuss the upper numbers (11-20), we begin with the powers that are the “as above“…the numbers that are related to beyond this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is blue“…

17 = Kachina-hey (Dream Teachers)

foam by kohei nawa at the aichi triennial

Photo Credit: foam by kohei nawa at the aichi triennial

The Kachina-hey are called dream souls or dream teachers because they work with pure archetypal symbols, sigils and images through the place of the dream in the fifth dimension. They work with us in our sleeping dream and teach us through symbols and sigils about our patterns so that we may understand them better. The Kachinas are teachers of natural laws, science and mathematics. They are great awakeners of memory. In the Christian tradition, they are equivalent to the archangels.

The Kachina-hey also teach us how to go through fear to get to the other side of what that fear is really teaching us. The story goes that as a part of a young boy’s initiation into manhood in old tribal times, his uncles, old brothers and father would dress up as Kachinas and kidnap the young boy, taking him to the woods, surely evoking fear in the young boy along the way.

Once in the woods, they took off their masks, and the young boy could see that it was only his father, brothers and uncles, thereby teaching him that what he thought was something to be afraid of was nothing but his closest relatives. A very good reminder for us all that “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

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