7 Arrows (cont.)


ChuaTaKaMa means choreography of energy in motion. It is the key to this teaching. ChuaTaKaMa is broken down into three aspects — NEEDS, WANTS and DESIRES.

  1. CHUATA is the moment of choosing long-term pain for the sake of short-term pleasure. This choice is prompted by NEED. We all have certain basic reality needs, without which we truly suffer and need help to experience pleasure and beauty. They are food and water, tools and skills, shelter and clothing, healing and knowledge, free will and orgasticness.

Once these reality needs are met and we still claim to NEED something or someone, we are opting for pain rather than pleasure. These are the choice points that signal a necessary death experience. These are the emotional shock points necessary for maturation to occur.

  1. CHUAKA is the moment of choosing short-term pain for long-term pleasure. Recognizing emotional shock points for what they are, we re-interpret what we claim to need as WANTS. Rather than staying stuck in pain, we let go of the “need” and get ourselves moving out of the patterns of pain into greater self-reliance and pleasure. It is in these moments that we learn that death brings life.
  2. CHUAMA is learning through pleasure without pain. Having reached adequacy in reality needs and accessing life through our wants, ChuaMa leads us to ways that make DESIRES (dreams of beauty) come true. These are experiences of rebirth.

CHUATAKAMA is the proper use of all of our choices within a given resource circle of possibilities. Life is a choice: do we choose the dark (as defined by another and caught off balance within our patterns of pain) or do we choose the light (centered within our own circle and aligned with all forms of all things)?  Choosing the Light Arrows breaks the Dark Arrows. Persist in this practice and one day you will discover that the Universe has placed the Rainbow Arrows in your quiver in the place of the Dark Arrows.

You will find more information about the “Teachings of the Seven Arrows” in Shamanic Wheels and Keys.