Walking Asleep Dream

walking asleep

In the West is the place of introspection and intuition, the substance of this wheel. It is the Walking Asleep Daydream. We recognize this type of a dream walk when we eat too much, drink too much, do drugs, breathe improperly, and have little or no ceremony within our life. We become like “Zombies.” We are often at the effect of our substance, our environment. This is the Shideh’s attempt to control the day-to-day awake, yet “unaware,” conscious mind. We walk around without knowing who we are and what the purpose of life is, inflicting our limited view of reality upon ourselves, the planet, and others. The lights may be on in our house (body), but no one is home. We are out of alignment with our substance, our body, and thus cannot live a centered or awake life.

Dancing Awake Daydream

dancing awake

In the East is the Dancing Awake Daydream. It is illumination and enlightenment, and is the focus of this wheel. In this dream, you are able to integrate the Hokkshideh (higher self) into the tonal “conscious mind.” It is Attention + Attraction + Focus + Impact + Co-empowerment + Knowledge = Power. You are aware of what you are focusing on. Is your focus on the strongest attraction, the strongest Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT)?
Pay attention to when you fall asleep and when you stay awake. Understand what is happening in both instances. Attention is Power.