The Creation of Sacred Law


Sacred Laws were made and placed into existence by the very act of creation itself.  They were created by the Creatress and Creator to allow evolution to take place so that every form of every thing has the potential to become any form of any other thing in an ongoing, continuous, and everlasting stream of livingness.  These laws were not created by humans, nor do they try to change the behavior, belief systems, or the structures of our different cultures and societies.  Rather, they are inherent in the creation and evolution of the Everything.  They define the process by which the Great Spirit expresses itself in all forms of all things.  We give them our definition, and we struggle to understand them and to come into alignment with them.  Our attempts to define their essence in words, however, almost always fall short, for they are so much larger than our language for them.  In some cases, they may be beyond our understanding.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi or The Thirty Sacred Laws by Claudia van Corva.