Choices of Energetic Response: Conflict


Conflict energy sits in the Northwest. This energy works with dualities such as good versus evil and right versus wrong. Conflict energy is set up by the rules created by a society to get a consensus of boundaries of conformity. These boundaries, the do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs, formulate and contain conflict.

Within conflict, one finds the illusion of freedom. If I am caught in “I’m right and you are wrong,” I am under the illusion that I am free because I need not consider your views as valid. When we use conflict in the dark, we approach it as an obstacle and it breeds victims and defeat.

However, conflict isn’t a negative thing in itself. How conflict is perceived determines whether it is seen as a challenge or an obstacle. We need conflict in order to grow. If there was no conflict, we would be bored. Seeing conflict as necessary for growth, and therefore as a challenge, breeds excellence and evolution. In nature, we see conflict behavior as a challenge wherever predator and prey behavior is exhibited. Within that natural hierarchy, predators only hit on weak or sick prey. Alpha/beta behavior is an example of conflict that is necessary for the survival of a species.

Choices of Energetic Response

Energetic response

No matter which Orende Law of Attraction we experience (repulsion, adhesion, cohesion, or change), we have four choices of energetic response: competition, opposition, conflict, or alignment. This is how we work with the energy that is present. They sit in the non-cardinals on the wheel. These choices of energy can be dealt with in the dark or in the light. Our attitude toward these choices makes the difference in the quality of their expression.

Energy Choice Example

goats-head butting

We have choice of how we express our energy each and every moment, which determines whether we lose or gain energy.  For example, imagine you are in the presence of a certain person and you feel repulsed by them, so you move away energetically.  Let’s say you are in a negative space. You have four basic ways of responding to that energy. You can:

  1. compete with it, putting yourself into a win/lose situation
  2. oppose it and stay closed to the person
  3. create a conflict energy and see one of you as right and the other wrong
  4. align with the energy and risk losing your autonomy.

In our everyday experiences with people and energy, we have a tendency to react to energy instead of seeing it as a challenge of choice. Whether we gain or lose energy within our own circle depends on addressing the energetic challenge from a place of choice.