Collective Dream of Grandmother Earth


In the Center of the Dream Type wheel is the Collective Dream of Grandmother Earth. It is the memory of dreaming. This is the dream of all humans walking as balanced fives—that is, in total alignment, balance, and harmony with the Self, the five Worlds of Grandmother Earth and the 20 Powers.

Dreaming – Types of Dreams


We know from other Course of Study Modules that there are four types of dreams:

  1. The personal dream—our day to day tonal (material, substance) existence and survival
  2. The sacred dream—our self-growth and maturity
  3. The collective dream—peace and freedom on Grandmother Earth
  4. The planetary dream—this planet’s next evolutionary step

What we will concern ourselves within this post is the Sacred Dream. The focus of learning to control the dream is held in these two questions: How can we learn to control our waking dream, our dance through everyday life, and our sleeping dream? How can we get the waking dream and the sleeping dream to become the Sacred Dream?

Most people think we only dream when we fall asleep at night and begin rapid eye movement, switching brain waves from Beta to Alpha to Theta. According to the Elders, when we are awake we are also dreaming. For example, while reading this post, you are doing what is called awake dreaming. However, this is the dream that is an illusion, Maya, the world of “realness.” The fifth-dimension dreamtime is truly “reality.”

To read more about the Controlled Dreaming, see the Course of Study, Series A, Module 6, The Art of Controlled Dreaming