Shadow Dream


In the Southwest is the Shadow Dream. It is the freedom place of dreaming. These are the “asleep time dreams” in which you experience the dream as though you are watching it, and yourself, in a movie. In this type of dream, you are extremely susceptible to dream imposters! To change this, you must shift your focus so your primary awareness is you as the dreamer within your dream. To do this, you must gaze into the reflection and immediately transfer your “spiritual consciousness” into the “dream self”. This will allow you to shift so that you will actually be “in” the dream, not just viewing it.

The major cause of shadow dreaming is closed symbols and dark mirrors that are not confronted in our awake state. Other causes of shadow dreams are:

  • molding, sculpting, and armoring
  • sexual issues
  • lack of rites of passage
  • education which stifles free thinking
  • religion that requires fitting in, conforming, and belonging
  • the blocks of guilt, blame, shame, doubt, fear, insecurity, repression and anger.

Warrior Wednesday – Space and Distance


In each direction of the Warrior Attributes wheel, there are two attributes.  The first attribute carries the feminine energy and the second carries the masculine energy.  In each pair, you must have the feminine aspect mastered before you can step into and embody the masculine aspect.

The Warrior’s Attributes in the Southwest are space and distance. This refers to the gap between yourself and life’s experiences. When the action is happening and the cameras are rolling, space refers to how well you can stay open to the action and remain centered within yourself.

Distance refers to how close you will allow others (and life’s experience) inside your energy field. You will notice that a boxer constantly leads with short jabs, trying to gauge the space between himself and his opponent. When he determines the amount of space, he will know the distance he needs to cover in order to deliver his knock-down punch. When confronted with a closed symbol, do you need to create more space or close the gap in order to deal with it?

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