Martial Arts Belt Promotion 6/9

Congratulations to John Kent III, who earned his promotion to blue belt in Kenpo through Harley SwiftDeer Reagan’s Ten No Kishi Dojo on Wednesday June 9!

Ten No Kishi classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings at the DTMMS Center (see the DTMMS web calendar for details).

Scottsdale AZ Center Expansion Complete

The carpet has been laid, the walls painted, the offices shifted – the Scottsdale AZ Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society Center expansion is now complete. The space is ready for action!

Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • the dojo now has a dedicated changing room
  • our Medicine Director and Business Administrator have moved into new, better offices
  • the main reception area has been re-configured into a much more open, welcoming space
  • storage has been rearranged and organization vastly improved
  • new spaces are available for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. – now the Center can host multiple simultaneous activities!
  • and, as noted earlier, everything just looks better

To reserve space for an event, contact the DTMMS Center at 480-443-3851 or email

Also, visit the DTMMS calendar of events in the Phoenix area.

A New (Red Lodge) World: All 3 Years at One Place!

Another weekend of Arizona Red Lodge has come and gone – but with one major difference (and improvement).

For the first time in Arizona Red Lodge history, all 3 of the program groups met in one place.  Thanks to its recent expansion, the DTMMS Center in Scottsdale now has enough classroom space (and bathrooms) to accomodate all 3 years of the Red Lodge program.

For many of the students, it was the first time they had seen the new, larger and  more beautiful space.  As we opened the Friday night gathering with our usual drumming and singing, the excitement was pretty apparent through the extra gusto people brought to it.  The program director reports that folks loved meeting in the same building, and having that ongoing contact between the classes.

Scottsdale AZ Center Beautification

This past weekend was a big one for the DTMMS Scottsdale AZ Center.  As noted in and earlier entry (Scottsdale AZ Center Expands), we’ve acquired some additional space.  Last weekend, crews of dedicated, skilled, energetic, and enthusiastic volunteers moved furniture, painted, and (after the laying of new carpeting) moved furniture again.  The Center is on the downhill side of its makeover, and it is beautiful.

Staff offices, storage, and classrooms have been rearranged to take full advantage of the new space.  There is now an actual kitchen, with a sink and running water!  The dojo has its very own changing room.  All staff offices are now window offices.  And we now have 3 teaching and gathering spaces in addition to the dojo.

Moving, rearranging and beautification continues, but should be complete by the end of April.  Look for an open house soon!  In the meantime, for a schedule of events at the Center, see the DTMMS calendar.