Twenty Count Tuesday – Sacred Hokkshideh-hey, Hokkshideh, Higher Self


The nineteenth Power includes the Great Hokkshideh-heys, all balanced and harmonious souls, cosmic teachers, and our Hokkshideh, our own Higher Self.  The Hokkshideh-hey are also the great Buddha, universal teachers, and the Bodhisattvas.  This power also includes the Breath of Life; our perfectly balanced male and female energy; and the triangle of Soul, our inner atom of genetic encoding (DNA, RNA, ETA).

In the Cosmic Orchestra, the Hokkshideh-hey and Hokkshideh sing the Cosmic Chant, the Chant of Total Balance and Harmony of All Things within the Everything. As they sing, they point to the Northeast where you see a Light that Speaks with the voice of Thunder.

Twenty Count Tuesday – Sacred Achlohtah-hey


We can play all the Songs now since we know all the Music and can Dance all the Dances.  “Go Beyond,” they sing, “Go Beyond all that appears to be.” This you can do by moving within the Song of the Southeast, the Song of the sixteenth Power. These are the Enlightened Souls and they sing a Song and carry a Light that is a Great Rainbow. They sing the Chant called the Chant of the Many Paths. They sing the Chant called the One to the Many and the Many to the One Chant. Their song is a powerful song. It says within its words, “You, little brother, little sister, are the Way, the Light and the Truth. Look within yourself and find the Light. Know that Truth can be found from anywhere on the Wheel and that the only Way is any Way that leads to the Center of the Wheel.” They begin to teach us how to find our Way. They sing the Chant called the Way of Honoring your Brothers and Sisters.

The Sacred Achlohtah-hey are the Enlightened Earthly Masters, those who gained enlightenment while in a physical body.  We know these best as Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and Kwan Yin. Each one of us have the potential to become enlightened in this body in this life.

“Timeless truth, I tell you: ‘whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.'” ~ John 14:12, from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English

The Dance of the Twenty Count: 19 The Universal Teachers

The Children’s Twenty Count describes our world as we live in it, and the powers that influence us here in our attempt to establish interconnection, interreliability and interdependence with all things.

Thus far we have presented in each blog post, the numbers 1- 10, representing the powers that are the “so below“…the numbers that are related to this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is green“…

As we discuss the upper numbers (11-20), we begin with the powers that are the “as above“…the numbers that are related to beyond this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is blue“…

19 = Hokkshideh-hey (Universal Teachers)

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The Hokkshideh-hey (pronounced hoke-shee-dah-hey) is our highest High Self which helps us to know our self as greater than what we think our self to be. 19 is perfectly balanced male and female energy. It is the great Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and are the universal teachers.

Our Hokkshideh-hey shows us the greater picture of what’s happening in our lives. It guides us to the greater possibilities for our soul’s growth. It is the inhale and exhale of all life and is the breath of life itself. The Hokkshideh-hey’s teach us that all things are possible within the Everything.

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