Rites of Passage First Seed Ceremonial Weekend

Congratulations to all participants in our first Rites of Passage First Seed Ceremonial Weekend!

Held August 20-22, 2010 in Arizona, this Rites of Passage weekend focused on honoring the transition and maturation of boys (11-15) to young men, according to the teachings of Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Five young men participated in the ceremonies honoring their growth and individuality. In addition, the parents/guardians received teachings and ceremony to better understand and give ongoing support to the young men through their transition.

Many thanks to Razel Wolf and Jeff Hohensee, ceremonialists, and to Bonny Phyfield, logistics coordinator, as well as to the young men and their families.

What some participants said:

I am deeply moved and grateful for the Rites of Passage experience. It has opened up a new way of thinking about relating to a young man in my life rather than just a growing boy. It has also opened his perspective of who he is and how he will relate to the world he is entering. Thank You. The weekend and level of care for the young men was beautiful.

Brian North, family member

Rites of Passage are so important. Our young people and people of all ages need this experience of connection throughout our lives. This is as important as schooling. Thank You.

Michael Chavez, family member 

It was an absolute privilege to witness and celebrate the honoring, growth, and beauty of these young men as well as their parents/guardians. Thank You.

Bonny Phyfield, logistics coordinator

Rites of Passage – Transition from Boys to Men

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is sponsoring a First Seed Ceremonial Weekend, featuring the Rites of Passage ceremonies honoring, celebrating, and enhancing the transition from boyhood to manhood, on the weekend of August 20-22, 2010.

This ceremonial weekend, to be held in northeastern Arizona, is open to young men, ages 11-15. The weekend will offer the First Seed Rites of Passage Purification Lodge and Medicine Naming Ceremony. These are the first two ceremonies in a series of Rites of Passage Ceremonies within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path that mark and celebrate this journey and passage for young men.

Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are encouraged to attend with their young man.  Please discuss these arrangements with the registrar.

Registration deadline is July 20, 2010.

For more information, including registration information, see the First Seed Rites of Passage Ceremonial Weekend page, or send email to the event registrar at  ritesofpassage@dtmms.org.

Read more about Rites of Passage in general, and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path ceremonies, in the DTMMS online Reading Room.