Achieving that Delicate Balance

Don’t make Jack a dull boy!

Let’s take a little quiz!

All work and no play makes Jack:

  1. a wealthy boy
  2. a disciplined boy
  3. sleep really well at night
  4. a dull boy

All play and no work makes Jack:

  1. a happy boy
  2. a tired boy
  3. a mere toy
  4. a shallow, self-centered, perpetual adolescent

According to the often-repeated proverb, the answers are “a dull boy” and “a mere toy” respectively. Who wants to tempt that fate?

Instead, come to the Light Warrior Clan meeting on Sept. 23 (RSVP by Thursday 9/13!) and learn the from the perspective of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path a key wheel that we can always use to rebalance our lives. The Balanced Choreography Wheel gets us in touch with a way of using our emotions, body, mind, Spirit and Soul to get the train back on the track.

Contact the Light Warrior Clan, of Battle Creek, MI, through Meetup  or via email at

Also, don’t forget their Sacred Body Image Workshop the weekend of Sept 28-30 with Janneke Laughing Willow!