Reflections: Seasons, Autumn


The last of the harvest lies splendid in the fields
The baby is born
The family has been fed
And now…

Pausing, reflecting, and praying
We see, we release for we know…

As the fruit is harvested and taken out of the fields
What is born out of our womb is not ours to keep and hold
What we cook is eaten; what we clean is soiled again

The leaves fall from the trees
The winds come up to wipe the slate clean
Change is in the air
And so we listen, we learn and we prepare again.

Here are some suggested ways help embody the reflection of this season:

  • Visit a farmers’ market during the autumn when they spill over with harvest foods, falls colors, pumpkins and squash.
  • Delight in the smells; taste some homemade food; see what Nature has birthed and what farmers have gathered
  • Visit with yourself and review your abundance
  • What have you “birthed”? (There are many forms of babies – don’t limit yourself to physical babies only – creative projects, businesses, relationships, visions…)
  • Embrace, appreciate and then release them into the big circle of living.
  • Then go outside and feel the wind on your face
  • Ask, “What’s next for me? For what must I prepare at this time?”

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Four Seasons

We all know the four seasons and how they affect our life-style: spring, summer, fall and winter. They too have a place on the wheel.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.15.45 AM

Spring, which sings to us about the rejuvenation of the water as it flows in the streams and reawakens life out of its winter dream, sits in the South.  Thus, we know that spring teaches us about fluidity. (Ask any allergy post nasal drip survivor about this!)Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.19.29 AM


Summer sings to us about the fire and its heat, its full out expansion of life’s vibrancy and joy. Therefore, it sits in the East.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.13.11 AM


The fall sings with the wind that tosses us about to test our flexibility and willingness to surrender to change as the seeds ride on the wind to their new destination. Fall sits in the North.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.20.28 AM


And the winter sings with the earth as it calls us into itself, for a time of introspection and death. Even the movement of sap in the trees begins to slow down. Winter sits in the West.


Remember we said there are always a minimum of five places on a wheel. Solstices and Equinoxes sit in the Center. These are the power times for the seasons and act as a catalyst and communicator between the seasonal changes.