Spirit World: Achlohtah-hey

In the Center, we catalyze with our sexual soul force through open heart to heart communication.  Our open hearted sexual communication is what gives us our identity as a human being. This comes through our soul, our life force energy.

Sitting in the Center of the Spirit World wheel are the Achlohtah-hey, the ascended masters who teach us from the spirit world and act as guides for us on our world’s SunDance journey.

Our technologies and scientific advances, our modern conveniences, and our electronic ease of communication have created lifestyles that foster the illusion that we are masters of the worlds of Grandmother Earth.  Humanity’s arrogance will prove its undoing.  Separation is an illusion as we are all part of the web of life.  Destroy one part and the web collapses.  The Earth Mother will survive, heal, and rebalance herself through her Earth changes in alignment with the Cosmic Law “Death Gives Life”.  It may take a million or so years, but that is merely a blink in her time line.  We may not survive, however; extinction is certainly an option for the human species.  The choice is ours.

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