Four Elements ~ Air

The Four Elements are the building blocks of all Creation on Grandmother Earth, and therefore, stabilize our world.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 12.06.53 PMThe North element is Air or Wind.  The wind works with flexibility. Think about the ways you know the wind—from the whirling tornadoes to summer’s gentle breeze, or the wind that comes up just before a storm hits. Did you know that Wind, or air movement, is integral to all types of weather conditions?  Or that air pressure, which is largely caused by differential heating of the air by the sun and ground conditions (earth), controls the way air flows?

Below is another fascinating component of how wind interacts with the plant world on Grandmother Earth.  The article this was pulled from was called “The Necessity of Stress.”  We could also think of it as the ‘Resiliency of Flexibility.’
“The Biosphere 2 project was created as a research tool for scientists to study Earth’s living systems, and it allowed scientists to play with farming and innovation in a way that didn’t harm the planet. One of the most profound discoveries made by the scientists had nothing to do with a cure for some new disease or a new way of farming land. Rather, the discovery had to do with the wind’s role in a tree’s life. The trees inside Biosphere 2 grew rapidly, more rapidly than they did outside of the dome, but they also fell over before reaching maturation. After looking at the root systems and outer layers of bark, the scientists came to realize that a lack of wind in Biosphere 2 caused a deficiency of stress wood. Stress wood helps a tree position itself for optimal sun absorption and it also helps trees grow more solidly. Without stress wood, a tree can grow quickly, but it cannot support itself fully. It cannot withstand normal wear and tear, and survive. In other words, the trees needed some stress in order to thrive in the long run.” (

Our inner winds are our thoughts, beliefs and philosophies, or our mental aspect.  Are there places in your life where you avoid stress instead of viewing it as an opportunity to be flexible or build resiliency?  Do you miss chances to refine your character because of dogmatic beliefs or inflexible philosophies?

Think of the many different ways you have experienced the wind and you will know the North energies.  Take a moment to explore your inner voices, your outer words, and all that you believe in.  And know, as the breath of Wakan Tanka birthed the elements, our beliefs and words birth our reality.

(If you are drawing this wheel, North is at the top of your circle, South is at the bottom, West is to the left, and East is to the right.)

SunDance Story of Creation, part 2

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.47.34 PM

Once the Everything knew its feminine and masculine aspects, the breath of Wakan Tanka birthed first of the four sacred elements, air. The second element was fire, the spirit of the Chuluaqui force of Wakan Tanka. Then from the space of its female and male side, WahKahn and SsKwan came together with the energy force of their separate Chuluaqui energies combining in a whirlwind serpent-fire of total love and the third element of water was created. From the two Chuluaqui energies came Quodoushka, the sacred marriage and union of the male and female energies which together become greater than the sum of the parts and thus became the heart of Wakan Tanka. Then seeing that the purpose of creation was discovering substance form through the act of orgastic pleasure in order to gain knowledge of itself, Wakan Tanka (WahKahn/SsKwan) made love and created all things within the Everything. Thus the fourth element of earth became the physical manifestations of the love energy of the Great Spirit