Rites of Passage: The Magical Transition from Child to Adult

“Magical” may seem a strong term to use – but when the challenging and complicated leap over the gulf between childhood and adulthood is made well, it is indeed magical.  With so many competing messages about what it means to be an adult, from parents, peers, social groups, movies and tv,  Rites of Passage provide guidance for the transition.  They support youth becoming adults within the community rather than outside it.

Frederick Marx, one of the producers and writers of the award-winning documentary Hoop Dreams, has begun work on a film about Rites of Passage.  The trailer for the film (see below) shows some of the impacts of the lack of Rites of Passage, as well as the benefits of having those ceremonies and rites.

Joseph Campbell talks about the need for and benefits of Rites of Passage, especially related to the transition from teen/child to adult and the major shift in the individual’s place in society which happens at that time (“On Becoming an Adult”):

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path includes extensive Rites of Passage ceremonies, for age-related transitions from birth to childhood, teen, and adult rites, including the critical teen-to-adult transition.  It also includes ceremonies for major life events such as marriage and bonding.  If you are interested in learning more about our Rites of Passage ceremonies, please contact our Rites of Passage coordinator at ritesofpassage@dtmms.org.

Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Intro cover

DTMMS has published a short intro to the SMSD Rites of Passage:

They enable us, both as individuals and as families/communities, to deal with change and provide an energetic “boost” to help us meet the transitions that occur on that journey. This booklet presents the reader with an excellent overview of the rites of passage of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Adult Rites of Passage Ceremonies in 2013 in Arizona, USA

Rites of Passage and Warrior Spirit Lodge are sponsoring two adult rites of passage ceremonies in early 2013.

Rites of Passage – ceremonies to integrate life experience

Rites of Passage ceremonies mark significant events, times, and turning points in our lives. They support our harvesting of wisdom from our life experience, and our moving into our next life stages with power.  The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path has a rich array of Rites of Passage ceremonies for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as for major life experiences.

33 Year Old Rites of Passage: Natural Self’s Evolution
Feb. 16, 2013

As we reach our 33rd year, we focus on developing our knowing of our own power and beauty as an adult. One of the ways we approach this is by working with the universal masculine and feminine energies, and recognizing those energies in ourselves.

Warrior Spirit Lodge, the home lodge of DTMMS in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA

Razel Wolf facilitates.

Please note: You must be between the ages of 33 & 44 in order to participate OR if you are 45+ you must have completed all the Rites of Passage ceremonies for your age. Please contact Krishelle for more information.

30 Year Old Rites of Passage: Book of Life Rewrite and Recapitulation
March 8, 2013

Entering our 30th year, we investigate those times when we put false limits on ourselves and reclaim our ability to exceed those limits. We look into our Shadow (the parts of ourselves that we prefer not to look at), to identify the times we disempowered ourselves and created Pretender Voices (inner voices which tell us we can’t, or shouldn’t, or otherwise misrepresent reality).  We then eliminate pretense by giving away Pretender Voices and replacing them with Commander Voices (inner voices which encourage us to positive action).

This is a 6 round purification ceremony, led by Razel Wolf.

Please note: If you are older than 30, in order to participate you must have completed all the Rites of Passage ceremonies for your age.  Please contact Krishelle for more information.

For more information, please contact Krishelle at rop-wsl@dtmms.org.