Celebrating 2010’s Accomplishments, and Looking Forward

2010 was a year of many accomplishments for DTMMS, and our friends and family.

In Red Lodge Longhouse news, 2010 saw the debut of Red Lodge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as well as the announcement of the 2011 opening of Red Lodge in Australia.   Year 3 of the new, expanded and improved Red Lodge curriculum went to students for the first time in 2010.  (Note: The final year of the new curriculum, Year 4, featuring teachings on the healing paradigm, dharma, the addictive personality paradigm, and more, will be presented for the first time in 2011!)

This was also a significant year for DTMMS publications.   The Thirty Sacred Laws, Part 3: The Ecological Balance Laws was completed this year.  Important publications for Rites of Passage ceremonialists were finalized and made available this year, as well as the Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage booklet, available to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Rites of Passage in general, and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage in particular.

DTMMS expanded our home quarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and immediately found new and compelling uses for the new space.  In addition, we made significant progress in our search for a permanent home.

Indeed, there have been more notable events and accomplishments than we can easily list!  Programs in Europe were strong, including Earth Lodge Germany and Earth Lodge Italy.   We salute our program leaders in Canada, Australia, and the US,  too, for the beauty and growth they brought.

We honor all of you who have worked with DTMMS over the past year,  all you have accomplished, and all this has opened up for you in the coming year.

And to all: best wishes for a prosperous, positively challenging, growth-filled, rewarding 2011!