Reflections: Seasons, Autumn


The last of the harvest lies splendid in the fields
The baby is born
The family has been fed
And now…

Pausing, reflecting, and praying
We see, we release for we know…

As the fruit is harvested and taken out of the fields
What is born out of our womb is not ours to keep and hold
What we cook is eaten; what we clean is soiled again

The leaves fall from the trees
The winds come up to wipe the slate clean
Change is in the air
And so we listen, we learn and we prepare again.

Here are some suggested ways help embody the reflection of this season:

  • Visit a farmers’ market during the autumn when they spill over with harvest foods, falls colors, pumpkins and squash.
  • Delight in the smells; taste some homemade food; see what Nature has birthed and what farmers have gathered
  • Visit with yourself and review your abundance
  • What have you “birthed”? (There are many forms of babies – don’t limit yourself to physical babies only – creative projects, businesses, relationships, visions…)
  • Embrace, appreciate and then release them into the big circle of living.
  • Then go outside and feel the wind on your face
  • Ask, “What’s next for me? For what must I prepare at this time?”

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Journeys into the Mirror: A Journal for Women written by Janneke Koole, Illustrated by Mukee Okan, you can find it at DTMMS.

7 Arrows – Rainbow Arrow of Gaining Abundance & Prosperity


Like the light and dark arrows, the Rainbow Arrows build on one another.  Here at the 7th Rainbow Arrow, we have made the choice to pick up the light arrows of self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-pleasure, self-love, self-actualization, and impeccability.  In doing this, the dark arrows of attachments, dependencies, judgments, comparisons, expectations, the needy child syndrome, and ego self-importance have been broken.  The Rainbow Arrows that are now in our quiver are the gaining of Illumination, Introspection, Trust & Innocence, Wisdom, Alignment, Balance, harmonic Resonance, and Full & Open Heart-to-Heart Communication.

The Gain of Abundance and Prosperity in our Personal Dream, our day to day life, is gifted to us as the 7th Rainbow Arrow.  We have the energy and drive to open to our Sacred Dream, our desire for enlightenment.  We give our beauty and shining to the Collective Planetary Dream, and the Collective begins to feed your Personal Dream.

Your Dream is Awake!

Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice down under)


Soltices and equinoxes sit in the center of the season wheel, catalyzing the cycles of death, life, rebirth, change, and movement.  Grandmother Earth’s internal, introspective movement moves counterclockwise to produce the seasons of fertility and abundance of all forms of all things.  Take a moment to breathe the energy of this solstice deep into every cell of your being, allowing the death of the that which no longer serves you, so that there is room for the seeds of new life to sprout and flower.


Understanding Abundance – Tuesday June 14

Warrior Spirit Lodge, the home lodge of DTMMS in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA

The Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix presents a special class working with Abundance on Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

This is the third of three classes on wealth and abundance, building on the 15 faces of wealth and last month’s abundance mesa working. The class will be discussing this wheel with the intent of exploring how to walk with more perspective, balance and joy.  The class will include a purification ceremony.

For more information, contact Warrior Spirit Lodge.

You can also read more about Abundance on the DTMMS web site:

Abundance is the naturalness of the Universe. The more one gives, the more abundance returns. This is not a myth or mystery. It is the Law of Return. The mineral, plant and animal world all know this.  More…

“Abundance” is theme for next DeerTracks (Coming in June)

DeerTracks is the DTMMS newsletter, dedicated to personal excellence, spiritual awakening, and alignment with nature.  The theme for this June issue is ABUNDANCE:  How do you create abundance in your life? How do you define “abundance” for yourself- what ingredients constitute abundance for you? Money? Health? Family? Creative work? Service? Nature?

Articles in DeerTracks bridge ancient wisdom and modern society, provide personal stories from people who study and teach the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path all over the world, and highlight the ways that individuals apply their genius, artistic originality, talents, and skills to make a difference in their profession and in their community. Each issue also provides information about events from across the globe, including Italy, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Canada, the United States and more.

Submissions will be accepted through May 12.  Submission guidelines were recently sent to all apprentices on the DTMMS mailing list.

Articles from previous issues of DeerTracks can be found in the DTMMS reading room.