7 Steps of Process – The Test


There is a way to tell if you have been successful in identifying the Seven Steps of Process. Step seven—Freedom—will always be a higher octave vibration of the first step—Focus. Step six—Imagination—will always be a higher octave vibration of step two—Substance. Step five—Understanding—will always be a higher octave vibration than three—Form. The fourth step is the most determined and has its own frequency and vibration. Determination always stands alone.

Let’s look at the example of the rose to see how this formula works, from the perspective of each number.

Seven is a higher vibration of one:
(7) Free, autonomous individuality allows all forms of all things to vibrate with (show off) their attraction, their own uniqueness. Walking down the street within the energy of co-empowerment (which occurs at the 7th step, Freedom) increases your ability to be an attraction and to be attracted to other attraction energies.

(1) Attraction is the essence of step 1, Focus. You are free to focus your attention.

Six is a higher vibration of two:
(6) Stretching your imagination breaks the limitation of pre-thought thoughts and opens up our capacity for free thinking.

(2) Many people skip over the second step, jumping straight to Form. By the time they reach step six, the sunflower (or any experience) is a sunflower is a sunflower. Imagination allows us to explore the universe held within substance.

Five is a higher vibration of three:
(5) Understanding is the communication between yourself and the sunflower.

(3) Acceptance and tolerance within the relationship of one form (yourself) and another form (the sunflower) is the song of understanding the impact one has on the other.

Four always stands by itself:
(4) Whether you observed, moved away from, or cut the sunflower, your actions are what they are and stand by themselves.


7 Steps of Process – Chaos


At step nine is CHAOS. There are only two numbers in the world according to the Elders. 0 = creation and 1 = light. Light will go through nine movements from “0”. At the ninth movement, the energy will return to itself without anything causing it to return. Within the chaotic wave, energy movement is designed and choreographed always in absolute balance of male/female energies. There is an old saying; “Out of the chaos comes cosmos.” It is the point of re-creation and evolution.

When you experience Chaos in your lives, just know it is Great Spirit’s design to help you step out of pattern into a greater spiral of evolution.  Resistance to chaos often times puts us into stress.  When we align with the flow of energy with relaxation, our next focus, next step has the opportunity to reveal itself.

7 Steps of Process – Pattern

sun-flower-209613_1280Step eight is PATTERN. Once you are in full co-empowerment, you move into pattern. If you express your freedom as an act of empowerment, you are always in dominion. If, however, you have avoided impact, limited your understanding, precluded imagination, and stepped away from taking responsibility (chosen license rather than freedom), you will be caught in a pattern of cyclic repetition and domination. The massive destruction of the rain forests (a “sunflower” par excellence) is a vivid example of such a pattern.

7 Steps of Process – Freedom


The seventh step of process is FREEDOM. Total co-empowerment occurs here. Freedom is the process of life itself. You, the sunflower, anything that catches your attention, is free to be itself. Absolute autonomous individual freedom is the most sacred of all gifts for it carries light and gives life. In steps 1-6, freedom is created within a circle of power, within co-empowerment. Anything that is created or birthed will move through these Seven Steps of Process.

All energy moves in accordance with the 0-9 Law of Energy Motion. So, when we speak of Seven Steps of Process, you know there must be three more steps. The Seven Steps automatically lead to Pattern, Chaos, and Completion.

7 Steps of Process – Imagination


The sixth step of process is IMAGINATION. If you break down this word, it means to “image a nation. I, the magi or magician, within my sacred circle of empowerment, can create through my imagination all things.” At this point, with understanding in place, empowerment occurs. You can now use the empowerment. In other words, the sunflower as it grows enhances your reflection of beauty and expands your sense of self and life however far you can stretch your imagination. Or from experiencing the death of the sunflower, you gain empowerment from the death cycle.

7 Steps of Process – Understanding


The fifth step of process is UNDERSTANDING. With understanding, there is no limitation between you and the energy. This is contrary to how most people view understanding.  Most people limit their interaction so that they can gain “understanding.” It is only by having acceptance and tolerance of the sunflower as you watch it grow and go through its natural cycle that you gain understanding of the sunflower in its entirety. Or if you have chosen to cut the sunflower and take it home, it is only by acceptance and tolerance that you will gain understanding of yourself and the sunflower in that cycle.

7 Steps of Process – Determination


The fourth step of process is DETERMINATION. Here, the impact has been determined and the attraction will be seen at that moment as either positive or negative. You will see the impact as creative or destructive and you will determine what to do with it. In our example, you see the form of the sunflower and determine that it is very beautiful where it grows and so choose not to cut it. You could have also decided that its pollen aggravated your hay fever and moved away from it. Or you could have decided to cut the sunflower and take it home to eat the sunflower seeds.

However, if at the point of determination, you do not have acceptance and tolerance of the action or object, if you get into judgments or comparisons, etc., you will create limitations and block the next step