Controlled Dreaming, Super Stars


In the North of Center are the Super Stars. This is the place of Imagination. This is the “magi envisioning a circle of power.” They demand excellence because they embody excellence. These characters are unusual and you will notice their spontaneity. They risk not being liked because they understand they can’t do anything about people’s perception of them. Regardless of their impeccability, they know that others will respond in one of five ways: like, dislike, hate, love or neutrality. They have stopped living their life based on how others will perceive them and are willing to look at themselves and recognize the distortions. They get what they want.

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Controlled Dreaming, Lead Star/Actor-Actress


In the South of Center are the Lead Star/Actor-Actress. This is the place of understanding of this wheel. These are the “dreamers” who are the top five names in the industry. They are the top political leaders, government officials, industrialists and members of the upper and upper middle class. They make money easily and their character inspires others.

Where are you a Lead Star in your life?

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Controlled Dreaming – Why Bother?


What exists in the third dimension (tonal reality) is a manifestation of the dreams that you create in the fifth dimension (nagual reality). Your Higher Self is always dreaming with your Lower Self to create the necessary forms, situations and events that you need in order to receive the growth experiences for this lifetime. In the fifth dimension, all things are possible, and all time —past, present, and future — is one and the same. Therefore, when you take control of your dream, you have more control over the events that take place in your daily life. Because all things are possible in the fifth dimension, the ability to access all knowledge is also possible. To do, this you must learn to “control the dream.”

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Controlled Dreaming, Have Made It’s


In the East are the Have Made It’s. They hold the place of determination. These “dreamers” are unique character actors, critical for great movies. They are the top ten actors on the credits list. They are bosses of companies and leaders. The warrior externally has learned to fit in and belong, yet internally remains autonomous. They express the free will of the Great Spirit.

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Controlled Dreaming, Soon to Be’s


In the West are the Soon to Be’s. The West is the place of form on this wheel. These are the “dreamers” who might be called small-time actors. They never star in any role, but show up in a lot of movies. They are competitive and controlled by their day to day scheduling. They are concerned about their tonal, monetary success. They are often victims of stress and do not deal well with change.

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Controlled Dreaming, the Want to Be’s


Moving to the North, the second category of Controlled Dreaming are the Want to Be’s. They are the substance of this wheel. They have no definition of themselves. These are “dreamers” who are at the effect of the perceptions of others. They look to others for emotional approval, mental recognition, physical security, spiritual acceptance, and sexual identity. They are the extras on the crew of life’s screen play Guild. They are awake, but caught in the belief system that conforming to the standards of the social, political, and religious mores of the time is what makes life a reality.

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Controlled Dreaming, the Nobodies


The first category of Controlled Dreaming are the Nobodies, which sit in the South. This is the Focus within the Seven Steps of Process.  These are “dreamers” who lose their focus and are in reaction to those they give their power away to. They are asleep, unaware, at the effect, attached, and dependent. They are watchers and waiters and afraid to get involved in the action of life. Nobodies are consuming and consumed by the dreams of others.

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Controlled Dreaming


Whether you are a Nobody, a Have Made It or a Super Star is determined by you dreaming this dream called life the way you want it. This process is simple, but not easy. Your ability to switch your thinking slightly about who you think you are as a physical being in your body makes this process easier.

Most people think of themselves as a body which occupies space. We are rather a space within which resides a body. We are actually Magnetic Attracting Thought Spaces of energy (MATS) within the universe. Within our MAT, we dream an image of a physical body. Take a look at your physical body right now. Your body is here in this way because you dreamed it. It is a holographic image; our living book of life. The concept of dreaming your physical body the way it is, transfers over to the other aspects of your being. For example, if you are attached and co-dependent or have no creativity, this is so because you dreamed it into your awake dream reality. If you have abundance, a good relationship and are happy, this is the dream you’ve
been dreaming.

Many people don’t like reading this because it puts the responsibility for change squarely on their shoulders. From previous teachings, you know that 80% of what happens to you and the way you are is a response to pattern. Only 20% is minimal chance/chaos, i.e., the will of the Great Spirit.

Pay attention to what you focus your attention on! Keep moving your attention forward. The passage of time is a man-made illusion. Time is merely a reference point to identify where you are in space. You are a MAT in motion.

Over the next ten days, we will explore the categories of Controlled Dreaming.  It will give you the opportunity to identify where you spend most of your time.

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7 Steps of Process – The Test


There is a way to tell if you have been successful in identifying the Seven Steps of Process. Step seven—Freedom—will always be a higher octave vibration of the first step—Focus. Step six—Imagination—will always be a higher octave vibration of step two—Substance. Step five—Understanding—will always be a higher octave vibration than three—Form. The fourth step is the most determined and has its own frequency and vibration. Determination always stands alone.

Let’s look at the example of the rose to see how this formula works, from the perspective of each number.

Seven is a higher vibration of one:
(7) Free, autonomous individuality allows all forms of all things to vibrate with (show off) their attraction, their own uniqueness. Walking down the street within the energy of co-empowerment (which occurs at the 7th step, Freedom) increases your ability to be an attraction and to be attracted to other attraction energies.

(1) Attraction is the essence of step 1, Focus. You are free to focus your attention.

Six is a higher vibration of two:
(6) Stretching your imagination breaks the limitation of pre-thought thoughts and opens up our capacity for free thinking.

(2) Many people skip over the second step, jumping straight to Form. By the time they reach step six, the sunflower (or any experience) is a sunflower is a sunflower. Imagination allows us to explore the universe held within substance.

Five is a higher vibration of three:
(5) Understanding is the communication between yourself and the sunflower.

(3) Acceptance and tolerance within the relationship of one form (yourself) and another form (the sunflower) is the song of understanding the impact one has on the other.

Four always stands by itself:
(4) Whether you observed, moved away from, or cut the sunflower, your actions are what they are and stand by themselves.


7 Steps of Process – Completion

sunflowers-76119_1280At step ten is COMPLETION. Completion is the complete solution.

However, if you fail to negotiate Chaos, you will come to resolution. Resolution is a small response or a bandage cure for the situation. 

Successfully engaging and navigating with chaos and change, and coming to solution, will complete this spiral of the 0-9 Law and will land you at a new attraction or Focus.  A new spiral will begin… 

What will catch your attention next?