Comparison vs Self-Pleasure


With the first three dark arrows of Attachments, Dependencies, and Judgments in play, the fourth dark arrow in the quiver is Comparison.  Separating ourselves from self, life and others, we look for connection through group identity.  The “I am better (smarter, richer, etc.) than you” becomes “We (my group) are better (smarter, richer, etc.) than them.”  Being at the effect of time, space, and others, we need support systems to verify our judgments and separations are valid.

Comparisons is the place where our group identity becomes our support system that verifies and validates our judgments and separation.  Our judgments and separation feels like it is from “them”, those who are not like us, believe in the same way, or have the same values.  But truly, this dark arrow is picked up because we judge and separate from our self, then others and life.

Picking up the Light Arrow of Self-Pleasure breaks the dark arrow of comparisons.  The foundation for this arrow is being self-aware, finding the value and self-worth within so that you can appreciate yourself and increase your self-esteem, knowing that this creates self-acceptance.  Our circle of self is so strong that we no longer need an external group identity support system to validate our judgments and separations.  Instead, our hearts are open because we have opted to experience the pleasure of self for the shear sake of pleasure!

When we pick up the 4th light arrow, we say YES to loving our self for the sheer pleasure of doing so.  Our hearts open and we connect to self, life, others and Spirit.  The gift from the Universe is the 4th Rainbow Arrow where we gain wisdom, alignment, balance and harmonic resonance through the alignment with all forms of all things.  Logic, knowledge and wisdom can only be received by a flexible, open free-thinking mind whose intent is to be in balance and harmony with all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth.

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