Grandfather Stars: Illusion-Breakers, Inspiration-Providers


We look again to the East and we see and hear many Voices, many Instruments, many Songs being played in harmony with Grandfather Sun’s Song. These are the Grandfather Stars, the eleventh Power. They are singing the Song of Inspiration and the Chant of the Heyoehkahs.  There are many Songs here and each is a Sacred Teacher. The Light coming from these Songs begins to reveal to us our own illusions. We begin to see why it is so hard and yet so simple to sing this Song.

The stars shine no matter what, day and night.  So many stars, so many possibilities. We look to them for the astrological signs they represent.  They guide us in our navigation, little beacons of light in the dark.

Sacred Grandfather Stars are those stars who are suns for planets with human life.


Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?  Or spent hours outside at night looking up at the stars?  Need to discern whether you are in illusion or reality, call on Grandfather Stars.

What is YOUR body knowing of the Grandfather Stars and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this eleventh Power of the Universe.

#knowledgethatworks #deertribe #twentycount #SwiftDeer

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