Dreams: Awake, Asleep, Bringers, Keepers, Protectors


As they sing their Songs and play their Music, we begin to hear from the seventh Power which is playing in the Southwest. This Power is difficult to hear, for its Song comes from within us and yet is outside of us. Here sits the Power of the Sacred Dream and it sings to us the Song of the Beauty of Symbol. It sings to us the Song of Beauty. It sings to us the Chant of the Memory Circle and if we hear this Chant, we begin to Awaken. We begin to realize the Past, the Present and the Future may appear to be different Songs, but they are really different lyrics within the same Song.

We know from other Course of Study Modules that there are four types of dreams:

  1. The personal dream—our day to day tonal (material, substance) existence and survival
  2. The sacred dream—our self-growth and maturity
  3. The collective dream—peace and freedom on Grandmother Earth
  4. The planetary dream—this planet’s next evolutionary step

The Snow Goose is the Bringer and Keeper of the earthly, personal and tonal dream, meaning how we live our everyday life. Do we have a roof over our head, food in the pantry, gas in the car?  Are our bills paid?  Are our bodies healthy?  Snow Goose helps us to translate the screenplay our Higher Self wrote it in our Book of Life, bringing clarity to our awake dreaming.

Bears are Keepers and Protectors of the Dream.  You can call the bear if you need help to hold the Dream.  Brown Bear is the keeper and teacher of the everyday Tonal Dream and usually has the tonal world in balance.  Black Bear tells you when your dream spaces are being invaded and when/that you need more protection. The Grizzly Bear is called the great “sleeper/dreamer.”  It is the keeper and teacher of the Sacred Dream, teaching us the sleep dream, how to know ourselves through the introspection of the dream, and how to actualize our reality.  A great dream interpreter, the Grizzly Bear teaches how to survive turmoil and trauma and how to protect home, loved ones and possessions.

The Gain of Abundance and Prosperity in our Personal Dream, our day to day life, is gifted to us as the 7th Rainbow Arrow.  We have the energy and drive to open to our Sacred Dream, our desire for enlightenment.  We give our beauty and shining to the Collective Planetary Dream, and the Collective begins to feed your Personal Dream.

Your Dream is Awake!

How have you been dreaming this dance? What is your part to play in making sure you awaken from the nightmare and dream a new dream for Grandmother Earth, one that includes autonomy, individuality, and freedom for all peoples?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Sacred Dream and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this seventh Power of the Universe.

#knowledgethatworks #deertribe #twentycount

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