7 Generations, Sacred Ancestors


Always seek perfection through becoming impeccable.  Find the inner truth which leads you into proper alignment with all things within the Everything, allowing you to come into harmonic resonance with the ancestors and the Great Spirit. ~ SwiftDeer

Within the Medicine Wheel of Life, we turn and face the Southeast where the sixth Power sits and listen to the Power of the Ancestor Song. Their Song is singing to us of the Beauty of the Concepts of Self as a Spirit, a Soul, who can sing and play in harmony if we will learn the Enlightenment Chant and begin to SunDance. They teach us this SunDance in order that we might learn the Songs of Self-Acceptance, Self-Appreciation, Self-Pleasure and Self-Love.

It is the ancestor spirits’ journey from spirit into substance and substance into spirit that makes transformation and evolution possible.  We are the culmination of all the potential of all our ancestors, and we owe them honor and respect.  We have the opportunity and the obligation to develop our excellence to actualize the potential of our ancestry and carry the Beauty and power of that legacy on to the next seven generations.

What legacy have your ancestors gifted you with?  What legacy are you going to leave behind for the next seven generations?  Have you learned the Enlightenment Chant?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Ancestor World and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this third Power of the Universe.

#knowledgethatworks #deertribe #twentycount

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