Four Worlds – Human


As you read this post, remember that the Four Elements are the building blocks of all Creation on Grandmother Earth, and therefore, stabilize our world.

In the East is the element of Fire.  Fire teaches us expansion. It could be a small candlelight, or a raging forest fire, or the campfire which warms you on a cold night.

Our spiritual aspect is the inner reflection of the fire element.  When we are fully aligned with Spirit, we expand into the creative potential of all life.  Our passion, hope, and joy are fueled by the strength of our spiritual determination.

The fourth World consists of Humans as the determiners of energy. Among all the creatures, it is only the humans who were created with free will, an agency of choice and self-determination. It is also only the humans who have the genitalia for experiencing full body orgasm at will. These two features distinguish us from the other Worlds. We determine our own reality and with this comes authority, responsibility, and power. It is our choice whether we exercise these in beauty and re-creation or in pain and destruction.

Each of the worlds have a “mini” wheel of their own.  Each direction dances with the Human World in different ways.  As a reminder, the south energy is giving, the west is holding and transforming, the north is receiving, the east is determining, and the center is catalyzing.  The humans, since they sit in the east are determiners.  But, as we explore the “mini” wheel that is the human world, there are determiners that give, those that hold and transform, those that receive, others that determine, and still others that catalyze.

In the South are the red humans.  These are the peoples who are most closely aligned with the heart, the fluidity of emotions. They teach us the way of one-heartedness, having a heart connection to all forms of Life in a beauty way. It is to these sisters and brothers that we owe these Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings.

In the West are the black humans. These brothers and sisters teach us about physical mastery and power, the body’s agility, rhythm, strength, and endurance.

In the North are the white humans, the people of the mind, of modern technology who have greatly advanced the evolution of civilization. However, they have significantly forgotten to do so in balance and harmony.

In the East are the yellow humans. These sisters and brothers teach us about the spirit.

In the Center are the Métis rainbow humans. These are all those who realize that no matter what color the skin, no matter what race or cultural heritage, we all have red blood, black pupils in our eyes, white bones, and yellow marrow in our bones. They teach us the ways of the Five Huaquas: health, happiness, humor, hope, and harmony. These are the gifts of being truly human. In order for us as humans to achieve these qualities of human-ness, we must:

  • GIVE WITH TENDERNESS, having as our intent to gather together in our heart space
  • HOLD & TRANSFORM WITH INTIMACY by caring for one another in our physical bodies
  • RECEIVE WITH CARING by teaching one another within respect and honor
  • DETERMINE WITH PASSION AND LUST by sharing with one another our fire, our inspiration
  • CATALYZE WITH OPEN HEART-TO-HEART COMMUNICATION by being intimate with one another

In the center of all Worlds is the World of Spirit, the catalyzer of all energy. All forms of life have “spirit” (manitou): they have life force energy, which we call the catalyst, pulsing through their form.

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