Reflections: Fire Element

17_1008 fire reflectionFire is an entirely different matter.  Fire burns until all fuel is devoured.  It is worthy of our respect and health fear.  Fire irresistibly beckons us and we are drawn like moths to a flame.  Paradoxically, it calls us to go within to find our vision and inner passion.

Find a space to build a small fire.
Have a collection of wood to feed the fire.
Observe the flames licking up the fuel.
Feel the warmth of its heat.
Watch how the flames die down into glowing embers.
Note how quickly these embers flare again into flames.’
Look deeply into this mirror for it reflects your spirit.
Your true nature is reflected in this fire.
No matter how dim the experience of your own inner passion has become,
It only takes a spark to get a fire going.
Ask the fire how you can rekindle your passion.
As the fire pulls you into quiet introspection, visit your inner fire,
Deep within the base of your belly, your womb.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Journeys into the Mirror: A Journal for Women written by Janneke Koole, Illustrated by Mukee Okan, you can find it at DTMMS.

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