Five Reflections: Five Elements

17_1004 elements

Let us begin with the five elements of nature – water, wind, earth, fire, and the void.  These are simple building blocks of creation.  When all else fails, we return again to the simple basics.  When we find no entry point into the experience life places on our doorstep, these five elements give us at least five entry points.

We can go to the water and let it cleanse us and open our heart.

We can go to the wind to clear our head, to release the mindless chatter and to find new perspective.

The earth is our home.  But, how frequently are we aware of the earth beneath our feet?  Since we go to the store or restaurant rather than tilling the earth with our own hands to produce our food, we forget and disconnect.

Fire is an entirely different matter.  Fire burns until all fuel is devoured.  It is worthy of our respect and health fear.  Fire irresistibly beckons us and we are drawn like moths to a flame.  Paradoxically, it calls us to go within to find our vision and inner passion.

The fifth element, the void, is not one we are as familiar with for it cannot be handled in the same way as the other four elements.  Because of this, some would say that it does not exist.  “It’s nothing,” they say.  Yet, it is out of this “nothing” that “everything” is created.

It is true that the void is invisible to the normal or naked eye.  It appears to simply be empty space.  Yet, this emptiness contains the mystery of life, the forces of creation, the magnetism of spirit.  Religions formulate entire belief systems to explain it, scientists do endless experiments to understand it, and seekers quest for visions to make the unknown known.  Look into this mystery and feel its pull.

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