Seven Dimensions: Pattern


There are Seven Dimensions within this universe through which light becomes life and gives life.  The Seven Steps describe how energy moves through life in a constant and continuous cycle.  The Seven Dimensions refer to the seven levels of existence and the potential levels of awareness of that existence.

Once any process has reached the seventh Step of Freedom, it will naturally evolve into a new Pattern, which will need Chaos to move it into Completion.  Completion is the Step that will spin any process into its next evolutionary cycle.

Pattern is the summation of the first Seven Steps.

A new pattern has been created and it is that of dominion.  If we express our freedom as an act of empowerment, we are always in dominion.  If at the eighth Step, however, we make our pattern one of going back to some imitation of form, we will immediately create a pattern of reincarnation.  Each cycle is a Circle of Law as we are trying to gain knowledge of Sacred Law and the Worlds of Grandmother Earth.  The greatest karma in any pattern of non-freedom us the separation from or destruction of our connection with the earth.

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