Seven Dimensions: Imagination


There are Seven Dimensions within this universe through which light becomes life and gives life.  The Seven Steps describe how energy moves through life in a constant and continuous cycle.  The Seven Dimensions refer to the seven levels of existence and the potential levels of awareness of that existence.

Imagination, with understanding in place, creates empowerment.  Play with this word: “image a nation… I the Magi, within my circle of empowerment.”  At this step, we must be willing to recognize all the faces of whatever is reflected to us as a part of us.  In the Twenty Count, six is the place of the ancestors.  If we are to have a proper understanding within our imagination to gain freedom from our pattern, we must be grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, husband and wife (in both parts of the relationship, i.e., wife-husband and husband-wife).  Either now, before or in the future, we will dance all of the faces of these reflections.  Imagination is the extension of who we are outside of time and space.

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