Fourth Universal Law


“0-9 Law of Harmonic Energy Motion”

This Sacred Law is considered a key law because it controls all laws.  The Great Spirit’s intent for evolution into excellence is born first out of the receptive-creative energy, which is the feminine principle.  Then, through its active-conceptive energy, the male principle, it manifests the form of its intent with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.  This process follows nine movements (ten steps), and then another cycle begins.  Every time you do anything – make a decision, bake a cake, buy a car, start a business, learn something new, fall in love – you do it in these ten steps: Focus, Substance, Form, Determination, Understanding, Imagination, Freedom, Pattern, Chaos, and Completion.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi or The Thirty Sacred Laws by Claudia van Corva.


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