MAT Spaces, Orende & Evolution


All MAT spaces are different vibratory levels of pure light energy.  When this light energy (substance) takes form, it begins a process of change and evolution, increasing or decreasing its vibratory energy, which we refer to as its power or level of orende.  As orende increases, the space expands and produces a continuous movement of evolutionary excellence.  Evolution, in this sense, is a constant seeking of perfection of excellence, rather than how a form of something grows into another form.

We as humans are MAT spaces of a soul, and it is through our mastery within our physical form and our seeking of excellence here on planet Earth that we fill and expand our soul space.  This is called evolution.

All MAT spaces (you, your pets, tree, rock, spirit, emotions, thoughts, words, actions, and so forth) are moving attractors.  Some spaces have little or no magnetic attraction, while others immediately attract and hold our attention.  Attention is power.  The higher the energy vibration of a thing, that is, the higher its orende, the greater its magnetism and attraction.  You experience this as charisma, and you might describe someone as having a magnetic personality.

How strong and vibrant is your MAT space?
Is your orende increasing, decreasing, or vibrating at a constant rate?
What excellence is your evolution calling you to seek?

You can read more about the MAT spaces and orende in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.


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