MAT Space, you say…


Magnetic Attracting Thought Soul Space – what does that mean?

All creation, including humans, is vibration of light energy movement moving at different vibrational frequencies.  These fields are actually spaces, which are called Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT) spaces created by the Everything’s intending of itself into all forms of all things.  These spaces are filled with spirit, consciousness, life, and/or physicalness.  MAT spaces are spaces of consciousness inside the Great Spirit’s matrix of free will and freethinking.  They are like thoughts with focused attention and intention.  Creation is an original thought with an intent.  Once a thought or any form of energy is created, it can be altered, but it cannot be destroyed.  All things in the Everything, all MAT spaces, are Great Spirit-intended thoughts of artistic originality that have been projected and released.

You also create your life in every moment.  You project your thoughts, actions, emotions, artistic creations, and intentions as MAT spaces out into the Universe every waking and sleeping moment of your life.  You are a cell in Great Spirit’s body, and it feels you.  In this way, humans are part of the interconnection, interdependence, and interreliability of all Life.  Separation is an illusion.  We are a thread intrinsically woven within the cosmic tapestry.

All forms of all things – breath, light, life, matter, form, time and space dimensions – are not different things.  They are different vibratory levels of pure light energy.

Imagine what the world would be like if related to everything as a different frequency of pure light energy…

You can read more about the Great SunDance Journey of the Soul in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.


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