back to the before

Paste the phrase “I AM NOT A PERSON!!” on your bathroom mirror, on the inside of your front door, on your refrigerator, on the rearview mirror of your car, and on your computer.  You are not a person!  You are a Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT) soul space for which the physical body serves as a temporary domicile or temple so the spirit personality can remember what it is as it journeys to and from the Source on its stream of livingness or intending.  The soul is immortal and infinite.  It drives your spirit personality to reincarnate in the physical again and again, for the soul has only one purpose, and that is to move its energy forward as consciousness to evolve.

We are so much more than a body and a personality named Jane or John commuting to work or falling in love.  And yet, the paradox is that we are bound to do these very things in order to remember who we truly are!  We can choose to do this through pleasure, although far too many people choose to make the journey very difficult, full of struggle and pain.  This journey is the going back to the before, to our original true nature, becoming what we already are.

You can read more about the Great SunDance Journey of the Soul in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.


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