Orende Laws of Attraction: Repulsion


The Orende Laws of Attraction are the qualities of energy and whether it attracts or repels. The factor that has the greatest bearing on each law is whether or not we, as humans, know the law and use it to come into alignment with the energy that is present.

Let’s start in the South with the orende law of repulsion. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a person for whom you had an instant dislike? You didn’t have a history with them nor any reason to dislike them. However, there is something about them which made you feel very uncomfortable. You just wanted to get away. Or have you been in relationship with someone you love, you began to grow and change, and all of a sudden you were uncomfortable in their presence? You just wanted to get away, yet you still loved them. If so, you have experienced the orende law of repulsion.

The dictionary says repulsion is the “feeling of aversion, i.e., a feeling of repugnance for something with a desire to avoid it.” We say repulsion means you feel a discomfort from which you want to get away.  The energetic cause is an overall energy (orende) difference between the two individuals greater than 2.

A note of caution here: When we first learn about the orende laws, it is easy to fall into a self-importance trap. We make excuses for an obvious lack within the relationship by saying, “Well, I have a higher orende than my partner,” when really what is called for is learning how to communicate with each other or taking responsibility for your needs, wants and desires.

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