Energy Choice Example

goats-head butting

We have choice of how we express our energy each and every moment, which determines whether we lose or gain energy.  For example, imagine you are in the presence of a certain person and you feel repulsed by them, so you move away energetically.  Let’s say you are in a negative space. You have four basic ways of responding to that energy. You can:

  1. compete with it, putting yourself into a win/lose situation
  2. oppose it and stay closed to the person
  3. create a conflict energy and see one of you as right and the other wrong
  4. align with the energy and risk losing your autonomy.

In our everyday experiences with people and energy, we have a tendency to react to energy instead of seeing it as a challenge of choice. Whether we gain or lose energy within our own circle depends on addressing the energetic challenge from a place of choice.


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