Animal Medicine Monday – Bear

polar-bear-404314_1280  bear-1718794_1280Bears are Keepers and Protectors of the Dream.  You can call the bear if you need help to hold the Dream.  A Bears’ color indicates their specific medicine:

  • White, Polar Bear — purity, philosophy, science, no mind and clear mind. Brings clarity and sobriety to professional work. Works with rainbows. Helps to stop pretense, especially related to advancing your career.
  • Black Bear— magick, alchemy and death. Teaches about the Shadow Dance. Tells you when your dream spaces are being invaded and when/that you need more protection.
  • Brown Bear — heart, family, trust, survival. Helps dance the Daydream.  Brown Bear is the keeper and teacher of the everyday Tonal Dream and usually has the tonal world in balance.  It can help with introspection and teach us to step into the silence of inner stillness. May signal that your family or group needs correction.
  • Golden and Grizzly Bear — vision and prophesy. The Grizzly Bear is called the great “sleeper/dreamer.”  It is the keeper and teacher of the Sacred Dream, teaching us the sleep dream, how to know ourselves through the introspection of the dream, and how to actualize our reality.  A great dream interpreter, the Grizzly Bear teaches how to survive turmoil and trauma and how to protect home, loved ones and possessions.  It is known as the Grand Protector of Visions and so calls us to vision quest. It teaches us how to stand and walk tall, how not to give away our power to tyrants, and how to pace our physical body. It is the west Spirit Keeper of the Sweet Medicine animal totems.
  • Black and white, Panda — the war between good and evil, light and dark, and how to keep balance.

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